Delta Airlines Flights Take you to these Romantic Italian city

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Feel the love in the Italian air on your visit to the world’s most romantic cities of Italy with your favorite travel partner, Delta Airlines Flights. Call now to avail great discounts. For more info:


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Delta Airlines Reservations The season of romance is never ending and nor must your reason to travel with your partner. Plan a romantic vacation with your partner in these romantic cities of Italy with Delta Airlines Reservations. So go ahead spend some quality time with your partner in these romantic destinations of Italy.

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Delta Airlines Reservations

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Italy The picturesque state of Europe Italy resides some of the most romantic cities in the world. The main attraction in the city is the richness in history and the charming and friendly atmosphere that lures tourists from across the globe. Whatever your idea of a romantic vacation - tasting new foods visiting museums or relaxing on the coast with a view of the sea there are many fantastic destinations in the state to choose from. Let’s have a look to a few destinations where Delta Airlines Flights fly to.

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Venice Take a gondola ride back in time in the stunning and historic floating city of Venice Italy. Discover the Doge’s 9th-century residence a colossal Gothic palace that was the center of the Venetian government for practically seven centuries. Admire the personal collection of one of the 20th century’s greatest collectors Peggy Guggenheim. Dating back to the 9th century the Basilica di San Marco boasts 8500 square meters of fantastic mosaics and gorgeous Byzantine domes. Meanwhile tourists can see the marvelous architecture and hear about the mystical properties of the Basilica di Santa Maria Della Salute a 17th-century domed church situated at the entrance of the Grand Canal. Lovers of architectural wonders are sure to enjoy the awe-inspiring Gothic Italian-brick church the I Frari. Get Delta Airlines Tickets to this city.

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Rome Venture into the historically and culturally rich city of Rome for an exciting vacation in Italy. One of the world’s greatest art collections can be found in this great city via the Vatican Museums. The Capitoline Museum first founded in 1471 is the oldest public museum in the world and will blow your mind with a permanent collection of crowd- pleasers like the famous Lupa Capitoline. Explore a true treasure trove at the Muzeum Nazionale Romano Palazzo Massimo Alle Terme which is home to gorgeous collections of classical art like a Greek piece in bronze from the second century BC. Alongside the Pantheon is the impressive and massive gladiatorial arena the Colosseum. Of course not to be missed either are the sprawling ruins of the Roman Forum a grand district with various temples basilicas and other public areas of ancient Rome. Delta Airlines Flights fly to this city almost every day from various US destinations.

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Milan Jet to the bustling metropolis of Milan to see a city that is not just historically and culturally rich but also a hub for some of the best fashion and design that Italy has to offer. Feast your eyes on the most famous mural ever painted by the great Leonardo da Vinci – The Last Supper. Tucked away somewhere in the refectory attached to the Basilica di Santa Maria Delle Grazie the mural depicting Jesus Christ and disciples has evoked powerful emotions in viewers from all over the globe. Another gorgeous site to see in Milan is the Duomo an extravagant Gothic cathedral that took 600 years to complete. The interior and exterior are both equally impressive.

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