Top 4 Email Marketing Tips to Boost Your Holiday Sales

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Top 4 Email Marketing Tips to Boost Your Holiday Sales By Wakeupsales Blog The holiday season is here And there’s no better time for businesses to generate awareness about their brand or clock the highest sales figures for the entire year. A lot of time effort goes into planning the entire promotional strategies its execution. Amidst all the madness email still remains one of the most powerful mediums for businesses to reach their prospects/customers. Matter of fact research says that more than 55 of the brands prefer emails as their go-to mode of communication. Hence it’s very important to put on your creative hat to make sure your emails stand out or grab the attention of a reader. Here are a few tips: Consider a Holiday Special Mailing List Give your website or blog a holiday theme makeover. This will bring more eyeballs to your website. Place action forms at strategic positions to catch the boom make sure you keep the emailing list separate from your regular email database. Offers More Offers Coz everyone likes gifts during this time of the year

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Make sure you have planned well in advance to offer discounts or incentives of all kinds from special pricing limited offers free upgrades add-ons to special referral coupons to create maximum interest amongst users who haven’t turned into customers yet. Also do not forget to reach out to your existing customers thanking them for their trust in you. Don’t shy away to offer them a month of free upgrade or a one-time discount coupon for their next recurring bill. It’s equally important to make them feel important too. Good word-of-mouth can do wonders for your business. Mobile is The Present Future Research says that more than 60 of all the emails sent worldwide are now viewed on mobile devices. And in the holiday season when office scenes are a lot more relaxed mobile viewership goes even higher. Make sure your promotional email templates are perfectly mobile-responsive short impactful. A catchy subject line also does a world of good. No better way to catch the wave Social Media is ‘THE’ Place to be During the holiday season when most of the audiences are glued to internet social media looking out for festive offers… it’s a no-brainer for any business to remain hyper-active on all popular social media platforms especially Instagram Facebook. This is a great way to widen the reach give yourself higher chances of conversions. Also an increasing number of people are now using social media to reach out to businesses for support other queries. There’s simply no faster mode to connect instantly with them. Make sure your social media posts have lots of interesting posters videos links to your website. Once you start getting leads trust me you will struggle to manage them manually over spreadsheets. So don’t wait SignUp for Wakeupsales CRM‘s 30 days FREE Trial. It’s easy-to-use makes customer management a walk-in-the-park for small medium businesses. HAPPY HOLIDAYS