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Morris Gould and Sandi Cobb:

Morris Gould and Sandi Cobb

SANDI COBB Marketing Director/ Events Coordinator:

SANDI COBB Marketing Director/ Events Coordinator

Sandi Cobb:

Sandi Cobb Sandi Cobb was born in Indianapolis, Indiana on April 13, 1961. Sandi has extensive experience in customer service, marketing and management skills. Sandi is a former Criminal Investigator with William McCallister and Associates in Indiana, handling several Capital Punishment cases and was acknowledged by Mark Maynard Law Firm, Anderson, Indiana for her specialty in gang cases. Sandi has many years of volunteering for the Salvation Army and in local nursing homes, reading and visiting with their residents.

Sandi Cobb:

Sandi Cobb Miss Cobb started her employment with the Galveston Island Railroad Museum in December of 2006 as a ticket agent. Through out the years at the Museum she has served as the Marketing Director, Event Coordinator and Assistant to the Executive Director. Hurricane Ike made landfall in Galveston, Texas in September of 2008 bringing over 110 miles per hour gale force winds and 8 feet of flood waters.  The Museum sustained over 8 million dollars of damage. Miss Cobb has worked diligently with staff, the Museum's Board of Directors, volunteers and FEMA (Federal Emergency Management Agency)  in efforts to rebuild this Historical Museum. Sandi has created several fund raising events for the Museum and has assisted in securing many grants from Texas Foundations to fund the much needed rebuild of the Museum.  The Museum's restoration is scheduled  to be completed in 2012.

MORRIS GOULD Executive Director:

MORRIS GOULD Executive Director

Morris Gould:

Morris Gould Morris S. Gould was born in La Marque, Texas October 4, 1951. Morris is the former operations shift foreman at B.P./Amoco and consultant to K.B.R. for special projects. Morris also is a former Pilot for P-Factor Aviation. Morris started at the Galveston Island Railroad Museum as a volunteer in 1983, the year that the Museum opened its doors. He helped preserve and restore the many pieces of rolling stock including the infamous #555 steam locomotive and the #314 steam locomotive.

Morris Gould:

Morris Gould Morris then served on the Board of Directors and after his retirement at British Petroleum he was elected and accepted  the Executive Director position at the Galveston Island Railroad Museum which he has held for over five years. In September of 2008, Hurricane Ike made landfall in Galveston, Texas bringing over 110 mile per hour gale force winds and over 8 feet of flood waters.  The Museum sustained over 8 million dollars of damage. Through Mr. Gould's exemplary leadership and skills, along with his staff, Board of Directors, volunteers and FEMA, (Federal Emergency Management Agency) the Museum has obtained over 6 million dollars in funding and approximately 75% of the restoration to the Museum has been completed. Through his hard work and dedication, Mr. Gould plans to have the Great Grand Re-opening of the Museum in 2012.

Slide 11:

The Galveston Railroad Museum presents

Slide 12:

“Recovering from Hurricane Ike”

Slide 13:

Hurricane Ike was the third most destructive hurricane of the 2008 Atlantic season. During the night of September 10 th , Ike exhibited a rapid drop in its central pressure. Multiple wind maxima were noted by the National Hurricane Center, indicating the structure was absorbing and distributing energy over a large area, rather than concentrating it near the center.

Slide 14:

Over the next two days, Ike maintained a steady course towards Galveston and Houston. It increased only slightly in intensity to 110 mph – the high end of a Category 2 – but exhibited an unusually large wind field, which caused a projected storm surge of a Category 4 height. As it approached the Texas coast, the inner structure and eye wall became more organized. By 4 p.m., on September 12 th , the rising storm surge in Galveston began overtopping the 17 ft. Seawall.

Slide 15:

On September 13, 2008, Ike made landfall. The Railroad Museum sustained devastating flood waters.

Slide 16:

Sept 15 First day to have access to the Museum.

Slide 20:

Although the toxic salt water had subsided, it had left an extremely thick, slick and slimy mud, that not only covered every thing, but was so noxious that it took your breath away.

Slide 21:

Cross ties not only from the Museum but from the nearby rail yards, found their way to the West Ticket Office, as well as other parts of the Museum. Some can still be found lodged between the rail cars.

Slide 52:

Sept 15 Second Access Sept 23 First Museum Access

Slide 79:

Railroad China and Silver Had to be hand cleaned – repeatedly

Slide 80:

Johnson Space Center comes to help try to save our Archives.

Slide 86:

Michael Ward works to save the Model Train Exhibits

Slide 92:

Cleaning the #13895 MOPAC Caboose

Slide 96:

We’re getting a what?

Slide 112:

Still no air conditioning and no heat but it is currently the “home office”.

Slide 113:

Telephones are installed Courtesy of Jim Stephenson

Slide 114:

Dickens on the Strand

Slide 117:

Texas Lone Star Rally

Slide 120:

The Mini Train Returns

Slide 123:

The Galveston Firefighters Mardi Gras! Parade

Slide 125:

The Grand Kids Festival

Slide 128:

We thank you for your continued well wishes and support!

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