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How to Pack and Move Your Big Screen TV without Damaging It Moving and shifting with all the household goods are one of the most tedious and daunting tasks that a person ever encounters with. The process of shifting goods is very much difficult for an individual that requires lots of time energy and money. There are different varieties of goods in a house and each of them is of different nature that needs to be packed accordingly. Some are of small sizes and are fragile that requires extra care and some are so large and giant that neither we could pack nor move it alone. Moving the big size furniture is a tough job especially the big fragile assets like Television. Today people use the big flat screens TV which is difficult to move safely. Packing your big screen TV is somehow difficult but by following the right procedure you can pack and move it safely to your new location. Here are the tips to pack and move your television without any damages: Movers and packers Bangalore Ask for help You should ask your friends to help you to pack and move the stuff. Packing a big fragile item is not easy and with two hands you would surely not be able to pack it. So gather enough friends to help you for packing and moving. Arrange Packaging materials Using the right packaging materials for packing the fragile goods is very much important as a safety concern. You may have the original packing box of your television but there is still need of extra padding while relocating. You can rent blankets and padding from a moving company. You will also need to have strong packing tape on hand to secure the blankets and pads around the TV. Movers and Packers in Bangalore How to Pack the TV Firstly you should place the blanket or padding on a plane surface or floor and then put the television on the top of the padding or blanket standing in its usual position. Then wrap the TV with the padding or blanket and fix it with a strong packing tape. For this you will need more hands for packing the tape as someone else will hold the TV while someone will tape the padding and blanket. Make sure you do not secure the tape directly on the TV otherwise it will damage the screen. How to Move

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Moving big fragile goods are difficult so if you are moving of your own or with your friends then you can arrange for moving straps from a moving company. This will help you to lift the TV easily and load it into the truck. Where to Place on the Truck Though you have secure it by using padding and moving blankets yet it requires to be placed in a safe place on the truck so that it will not move during transporting. So the best place to keep it safe is on the back wall of the truck or side wall and keep some heavy boxes around it which will not move during transporting. Just make sure to keep the box far from the corner of the boxes and sharp objects that can damage the screen. Follow these steps and you can easily move your big screen TV to your new location without any damages. Blog source screen-tv-without