Adolescents' experience with Social Networking on the web

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Adolescents' experience with Social Networking on the web:

Adolescents' experience with Social Networking on the web V.Sundararaman Asst. Prof & Dr.P.Govindaraju Prof & Head Department of Communication Manonmaniam Sundaranar University

Objective of the study:

Objective of the study To reveal the motivation of the adolescents for their use of social networking sites and other tools.

Social Networking in web:

Social Networking in web Wikimedia Blogging Tweeting Face booking Instant Messaging You tube Social Book marking

SNS Statistics in India:

SNS Statistics in India Indian social networking statistics show that Facebook penetration in India is 3.84% compared to the country's population. 55.58% in relation to number of Internet users. (Internet users in India stand at 65 million) The total number of FB users in India is reaching 4,50,19,840 and grew by more than 9,39,66,20 in the last 6 months.

Adolescents SNS Usage in India:

Adolescents SNS Usage in India Age Group 13-17 20.6% 18-25 25.8% Source:http ://

Research Methods:

Research Methods Qualitative Focus Group Personal Observations

Focus Group :

Focus Group A group of 10 students from Class 8 to Class 12 English Medium from a rural and from an urban school is selected.

SNS Usage:

SNS Usage Accessing the SNS at least twice in a week. Urban Students spend more time with SNS than rural Rural students mostly get access in the home and in friends places. Urban Students get access from smart phones also Most of them used to visit SNS as the First site in their browsing session.

face book:

face book Some of the parents alone are aware about their SNS access and they hate parenting. Face book is most popular among the adolescents Sharing of Pictures & Videos and Command to the updates is a Common activity Very one in the focus group have subscribed to two SNS games at least. They have an average of 80 friends in their contact.


Inference Passing time, Entertainment, Social identity gratifications and Virtual companionship are the major motivations found among the adolescents to get into social networking sites.

Personal Observations:

Personal Observations Most of the SNS using adolescents have never checked their social networking privacy and security account setting. Social media-using adolescents have had an experience on a social networking site that made them feel good about themselves. Social media-using adolescents have felt closer to another person because of an experience on a social networking site.

Personal Observations:

Personal Observations Social media-using adolescents have experienced at least one negative outcome as a result of using a social networking site. Some have gotten in trouble at school because of an experience on a social networking site

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