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Case Study: Proctor & GambleInnovation & KM : 

Case Study: Proctor & GambleInnovation & KM Valerie Singler INFO644-900 Lisl Zach, PhD February 21, 2010

P&G – Background : 

P&G – Background Founded in 1837, Proctor & Gamble (P&G) is one of the largest consumer companies in the world, second only to China National Chemical Corp. $79,029.00 M Sales 135,000 Employees $2 Billion – R&D

P&G – Time for a Change : 

P&G – Time for a Change Traditional R&D Secretive, protective of patents, wary of collaboration with outsiders In 2000, P&G found “Invent it ourselves” approach could not sustain high levels of top-line growth Open Innovation Model “Creating and extracting value from open innovation requires an organizational culture that is open to considering external ideas and using KM systems to ensure ideas reach the right people at the right time.” (P&G New Business Development Specialist Mike Addison, InsideKnowledge, 2010)

Connect & Develop Project (C&D) : 

Connect & Develop Project (C&D) Challenges Leading the Way From the Top Build New Skill Sets Seek & Develop KM Tools Knowing Who Does What Innovation Net Smart Learning Reports Talent Finder

Connect & Develop Project (cont.) : 

Connect & Develop Project (cont.) Challenges Soliciting Help Communities of Practice AskMe Ninesigma (External) Continuous Improvement

C&D – Results to Date : 

C&D – Results to Date Since its inception, approximately 42% of new products were influenced by or originated from "Connect and Develop” Source:, 2010 P&G follows up on 40% of suggestions posted to Ninesigma 60% of some 18,000 R&D employees visit Innovation Net several times per week 20 Communities of Practice, with 80 % of members reporting increased effectiveness and efficiency

P& G Lessons Learned : 

P& G Lessons Learned People First Cultural Change is a Long-Term Process Establish KM Tools, Practices and Processes Experiment & Learn Make It Easy Match the Rewards to the Audience Continuous Improvement

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