Which TV is Better LCD TV or LED TV or Plasma TV?


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Which TV is Better LCD TV or LED TV or Plasma TV? :

Which TV is Better LCD TV or LED TV or Plasma TV? VRS Technologies L.L.C

What is an LCD TV? :

What is an LCD TV? Liquid-crystal-display televisions ( LCD TVs ) are TV sets that use liquid-crystal displays to produce images . The life of the LCD Televisions depends upon the backlighting bulb of the television.  The LCD Television lifespan is a commenting factor that is of high concern. 

What is an LED TV? :

What is an LED TV? While the  UHD and 4K/8K  refer to the pixel density of the image, the LED basically refers to the technology used. The televisions that use the Light Emitting Diodes (LED) to backlight the display screen.

What is Plasma TV? :

What is Plasma TV? The user who wants the best picture quality and at a cheap price can avail rental for Plasma TV. These TVs are not bright and it is perfect for dark surroundings. The Plasma Televisions came with a life of about 30,000 hours that is half of the LCD variants.


LCD TV is nearly the same as that of LED TV. The only difference is about its weight, price, and some features. The light source that is behind the screen is different which may affect a little quality of the picture.


LED TV: The user who wants to have a standard picture quality on TV can easily get the LED TV . They are having a bright screen and offer the best practicability as well. It is good for rooms having bright lights . It is so because LED TVs come with a life span of up to 100000 hours. 


The Plasma televisions were eventually the first significant type of television technology that took a great hype in its era. But eventually, its design came with a short life span, and it lost brightness and color very soon than expected. 

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