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The Childcare Volunteer Program allows volunteers to be placed in local surrounding community centers, orphanages, and schools. In order to boost physical stamina, even games and sports are conducted by AVI. Only those who are truly dedicated to providing their services to the needy children are taken as volunteers in the project. https://bit.ly/2MvXU8T


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ABOUT- US Welcome to we volunteer in India-AVI. AVI offers you the best opportunity for Volunteering in India. The programs offer by AVI is reliable, Safe and meaningful. A numbers of programs are offer by AVI like child care, wom - en empowerment, health care, teaching care and many more.

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Child Care AVI offers the program of volunteering With street children in India . Volunteer From all over the world are invited for t he welfare of street children. The basic aim of this program is to Provide free education , health care, Uniforms and food to the street children.

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Looking at you for help Childhood - Is that stage of life where we just fly like a bird. Live a care Free life and enjoy every moment of it. But for him the definition of childhood Is not the same one. Every second of his Childhood is running with the pain of poverty. Can’t be able to fulfill their Basic requirement of life like food, shelter a nd education. Just taking breathe without any hope. ARE you also looking at him and want to give Them hope which he lost???

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The burden of poverty and the weight of this heavy garbage bag are destroying their Childhood and their hopes for future. You are the one who can bring their childhood to them. Burden of poverty

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Education ( The way for better future) By giving them education we are ensuring them a better life ahead. So, AVI is taken up the responsibility to help them to make them educated and in this we wants your help . Are you with us to get them educate ?

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They can smile if YOU want them to- Bringing smile to someone face means you rank with the position of God for them . The level of satisfaction you get by helping ,educating and feeding them like yours own kids is can’t be explain in words. If you are also thinking in the same way as we are than what are you waiting for just come with AVI and make this happen.

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8 Contact-us +91- 9610121328 [email protected] https://www.wevolunteerinindia.com

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THANK YOU ! ( They are waiting for you)

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