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Andrea Arria C.I: 17.953.993

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Unidad I : Description Unidad II: Food description Unidad III: Unsolved misteries Unidad IV: Today’s trends Unidad V: Errands, neighborhood Unidad VI: Collage life

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Name: Andrea Age: 22 years old Hobbies: Watch movies and go out with friends Dislike: Do exercise

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Flour Meet Platano leaves Olives Raisins Thread

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I would solve this case of robbery: I would give some gift at Christmas, to the person who is stealing because this person really needs the thing. If this person really wouldn’t need this thing, wouldn’t be stealing

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Shirt Jeans Boots

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I live in the paradise´s sectorbuilding 19, My neighbors are friendly and good people. They are always there when we need something

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Main entrance Sports areas Library Television channel Radio station

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