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Mi house : 

Mi house

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I live in a small house with my mother and sister in Maracaibo in Venezuela. In my house There are four room, a living room, a dinner room, a kitchen, two bathrooms, for bedrooms, garage, two bathrooms of guest and laundry.

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In the living room is modern and small, has two sofas, a coffee table, with flowers in one corner, and a lamp in the center can be seen behind the dining room and a table.

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The kitchen is comfortable since it is the dining room is spacious, has a simple decoration, and has several lamps that illuminate very well.

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This room is my sister she is very feminine, has a desk on the left side of the bed with his laptop, a clock, lamp, and a dresser, almost all pink ..

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The bathroom is small, has a classic style, above the sink there a mirror, square wooden frame, next to the toilet, and alongside this is a small paper

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My favorite place in the house is my room is small but comfortable and relaxing for me, I have a bed with many pillows, picture, radio and in front of the bed, a table, is a little messy .. although I do not like to leave lying around, I'm pretty orderly.

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I live with my mother and sister in Maracaibo. I live in the north of the city. My house has two bathrooms, four bedrooms, a kitchen, a living room, a dinner room and garage. My favorite place is my room in the listen to music and watch television before bed.

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