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Very often we ask this question. We stay in anxiety and stress, confused and apprehensive about the treatment to opt.


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SENSITIVE SKIN Is my skin sensitive!!!   Very often we ask this question. We stay in anxiety and stress, confused and apprehensive about the treatment to opt. We need put our apprehension and fear at rest and have a clear understanding of our skin condition and have best suitable treatment. Before we treat a sensitive skin we need to understand what is sensitivity root cause of sensitivity, features of sensitivity and finally how to treat a sensitive condition in best possible manner.   WHAT IS SENSITIVITY:-   Sensitivity is a reaction to specific stimuli. In context of skin, the reaction of skin towards product, temperature, climate etc

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WHAT IS A SENSITIVE SKIN :- It is a type of skin which shows signs of irritations that normally other skin does not when subjected to product, climate or temperature.   FEATURES OF A SENSITIVE SKIN:- Most of the sensitive skin shows the following signs 1. Redness 2. Dry patches 3. Rashes 4. Burning 5. Stinging 6. Slightly inflamed 7. Itchiness   WHAT TRIGGERS SENSITIVITY:- There are two major factors responsible for triggering the sensitivity 1. External 2. Internal  

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Internal factors: 1. Genetic conditions. 2. Immune system disorder. 3. Medication.   HOW TO CHOOSE PRODUCTS FOR SENSITIVE SKIN :- 1. Avoid alcohol based product. It will further dry our skin and increase irritation . 2. Use products which will add hydration to the skin 3. Avoid sulphate base cleanser, it strips our natural oil 4. Use fragrance free products, fragrance based products contain chemicals which may irritate the skin 5. Avoid aromatic essential oils like tea tree, citrus, bergamot. These oils can irritate the skin 6. Alpha hydroxyl acid pH lower than 3.5 should be avoided. High concentrated n low pH can irritate the skin. 7. Avoid hot water bath and also too cold water 8. Exfoliation with brush or granular scrubs 9. Paraben free products should be advised because the preservatives can irritate the skin. 10. Retinoid should be avoided as it makes the skin very dry

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ESSENTIAL TIPS FOR SENSITIVE SKIN 1. Always do a patch test before buying a product. Patch test should be done at back of the ear or inner part of wrist. Wait for 72 hours to see for any reaction 2. Use mild and hydrating products 3. Use soap free cleanser, sulphate free cleanser 4. Use parabens free product 5. Avoid hot bath 6. Use broad spectrum sunscreen with titanium dioxide n zinc oxide. 7. Use mist or lotion based moisture 8. Ensure everyday cleansing, toning and moisturising 9. Avoid Alcohol based toner 10. Ensure to remove make up and let the skin breath   HOMECARE:- Step1- Cleanse the face with raw milk or green tea decoction. Step2-Tone with coconut water. Step3-Mild circular massage with coconut milk or fruit juice (cucumber). Step4- Apply cooling fruit mask of cucumber.

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SALON CARE:- Simpler the better is the rule!!! Step1-Gently cleanse the face with hydrating, fragrance free cleansing milk. Step2-Use non alcohol based toner. Step3- A very brief steam with a hydrating fluid on the face. Step4-Disincrustation with galvanic for a very short period of time i.e. 2 to 3 mins. Step5- cool compression or spray using herbal toner. Step6- Gentle massage with non fragrance hydrating fluid. Step7- Apply cream based pack. Step8- Apply hydrating serum and broad spectrum SPF.   AESTHETICS TREATMENT:- Chemical peels: - Lactic acid 15 to 30% with pH over and above 3.5 Always we must remember the right treatment with right choice of product after a thorough analysis of our skin can bring an amazing result for a sensitive skin.

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