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Welcome to the Opportunity

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Welcome to the Opportunity

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Herbalife Today In business for over 29 years in 70 countries Over 1.8 million distributors, worldwide Over 65 million satisfied customers Listed on the NYSE Net annual sales of $3.5 Billion globally in 2008 World leader in wellness industry & premier company in weight management Operating since 1999 in India Over 30000 distributors in India

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Herbalife International

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Medical & Scientific Advisory Board

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The BIG Problem… Obesity and its complications are a world-wide epidemic 65% urban Indians and 32% rural Indians are either overweight or obese 75% women and 54% men have abdominal obesity Fast-food – high in calorie, low in nutrition = Weight Gain Modern diet – deficient in nutrition = health suffers Good nutrition and lifestyle improvement is the most effective solution

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It All Begins With the Best Products

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Amazing Results

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Working from Home Business and Compensation

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Business Plan

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Counselling Income Work From Home System

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Supervision Income

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Training Income

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Working from her Home Office

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Counselling Centre From Home

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Husband and Wife in their Counselling Centre

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Husband & Wife Work From Home

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Family Business

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Why Should You Join Us ? The obesity epidemic increasing due to improper nutrition and modern lifestyle. Thus there is a great opportunity to help this huge population with our products. Herbalife has a wide range of products to cater to everybody’s needs. We are into a recession proof industry as nutrition and health will always be a top priority with people. This is Herbalife’s best financial year ever. We have an incredible business plan which lets you be your own boss, decide your own working hours and allows you to choose the level of income you want to earn. Here we have step by step plan for success. This is not a guessing game. Here you would get a concrete road map for success. You can begin you international business without heavy investment or infrastructure. Thus this is a common person’s best chance to be earn a living or even build a fortune.

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Get Started With An IBP Sign-up with just Rs. 3000/- Your International Business Pack (IBP) includes: International Business Licence Demo products for personal use Basic distributor training 1 Mega Training (STS) Local / Online support

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Get Started Now

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Welcome to Herbalife!

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