List of 5 Usability Principles to Make Visitors Love The Website.


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Here is the list of 5 usability principles that will surely help you to boost the SEO and also make the visitors stick for long on the website.


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5 Fundamentals To Be Adapted To Make Visitors Love The Website You are done with everything- best location best team etc. etc. but when it comes to website visitors that is very low and bounce rate is high. Frustrated with the feeling. Then ask yourself. Does your website encourage the users to stick around If the answer is No which not only means losing a major part of customer base but also means that your SEO Search Engine Optimization is getting damaged. User is the ‘GOD’ in this digital world and thus user experience has always been a top priority and of utmost importance. After all Google and other search engines just want to serve that content that is suitable and usable for the user. Usability for users is very much essential because ultimately they should be able to do the task for which they have visited your website. So just improve the bottom line and give your SEO an organic and handy boost. Below is the list of 5 basic fundamentals that will surely make visitor stick to your website.

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Don’t Make Visitors Think Too Much Many of the visitors visiting the website are very much preoccupied with some of the stuff. A user is never fully into your website. They might be thinking about their other tasks or about a party to attend after the office. So your work is to make the UI and the overall website really easy for them to take the action for which they have visited the website. Don’t make them hunt for the desired task through the menu bar or the sidebar. Test your website several times to make sure that it is delivering a great user experience. You can have a look at The Latest Web Designing Trends to make sure everything is great. Make Sure Needs are Met This means that a website should be such that all the needs and requirements of a user are met. Google also has a separate rating scale for the same which only focuses on mobile Usability of a website. So it becomes important to make your website optimized for the mobile also. Mobile users are 5 times more likely to stop a task if a site on which they are is not optimized for mobile. This means that your website should be mobile-friendly which is essential for both conversions and SEO. If you want to get a Website Developed Which is Web and Mobile- Friendly then do Contact Us. If you wish to get better results in SEO then follow The Latest and Trending SEO Tricks. The Grunt Test There is a quick test developed by Donald Miller which takes less than a minute. It involves just 3 questions: Firstly show the website to someone who is totally new to your website for 5 seconds only. After that ask them these 3 questions-  What does my business serve  How it will help you  What do you need to do to get started or to make a purchase

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If he is able to answer all the questions perfectly then bingo your website is just perfect. Because it just takes less than 5 seconds for a user to make an impression of how your website is. And in those 5 seconds he/she should be able to know the basics. ‘K.I.S.S’ Is The Key K.I.S.S – it simply means ‘Keep It Simple Stupid’. Most often good and easy design is simple design. Not always being trendy and flashy will make the user stick. This point simply means that a website should be easy to understand and should include things like:  Using clear navigation labels.  Using standard-looking icons.  Writing to the point in a straightforward way. Minimizing clutter – elements on your site that aren’t necessary. Just remember that if you two options choose the one that is simple and easy. Users Do Not Read Most of the users don’t even read even a single page of the website they just keep looking for what they want. The UI Designer and usability experts should always remember this thing that users don’t come to read the content. They just want the task to be completed. So while designing the website remember to keep it simple. To get people to read the content even make it easy to scan which means include subheadings use bold text and plenty of white space. CONCLUSION Usability is very much essential and plays an important role in success of any website. By following above mentioned 5 principles you will be ensuring that users can easily and quickly see what they want and accordingly take the appropriate action. This will not only make users love your website but also decrease the bounce rate.

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