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Steps in writing a thesis conclusion


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Writing a Conclusion to Your Thesis:

Writing a Conclusion to Your Thesis Viv Grigg By PresenterMedia.com


Item 5 Functions of a Conclusion “1 Must” and “3 Ideals” Overview The integration of thesis DNA Conclusion-a-phobia The “5 Avoids” Sample Item 1 Item 2 Item 3 Item 4


Non-academic causes. Psychologically, you have finished your thesis, so it is hard to write another chapter. You are exhausted after two years work You are bored with the topic because the interesting discoveries have been made BUT It is not technically difficult It is a short chapter. Often “Feel” conclusions are hard to write. Conclusion-a-phobia Its not complicated . Its short . Its motivational writing .


For grading/Examination Its the LAST piece the examiner reads. They may have read it over weeks Bits and pieces This piece integrates it all in a few minutes A good conclusion will provide you with the energy to publish your thesis when you come back to recap your findings…after your post-thesis rest For Longer Term Career Importance Increase your grade by half a grade

The Five Avoids:

Claiming findings that you have not proven Introducing new data Hiding weaknesses or limitations in your thesis. (Use a self critique, but don ’ t go overboard) Avoid too long (repetitive) or too short (nothing to say) The Five Avoids

Sample 6 Paragraph Conclusion Structure:

One paragraph restating what you researched and your original contribution Then break into sections One section on what you research and how you did it One section on main findings One section on possible areas of future research Motivational pitch about application of your findings Final summary paragraph – motivational and integrative. Sample 6 Paragraph Conclusion Structure

The “1 Must” and “3 Ideals”:

Must: Make a clear and concise statement of your contribution to knowledge Aspire to: Show links between key ideas across the chapters Show your commitment and aspiration to academic research Leave a positive impression with the examiners The “1 Must” and “3 Ideals”

Now to Your Abstract!:

300 words or less Summarizes research topic in context, approach, main issues, outcomes Based on the 7 th version of your conclusion Now to Your Abstract!



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