Jesus' Training Patterns


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Jesus was the master trainer. WHat do we learn from observing his style. He was a master executive who trained not managers but movment leaders. What were the secrets to this dynamic?


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Jesus Training Models:

Jesus Training Models A Class Discussion on Disciplemaking

Jesus’ Focus:

Jesus’ Focus “He chose 12 to be with him and to be sent out to preach” (Mark 3:14) What work did Jesus say he had accomplished in John 17:4? What is the next paragraph all about? Why??

8 Principles in Jesus’ Training:

8 Principles in Jesus’ Training Describe episodes in Jesus’ life that illustrate each of the following. Selection Association Consecration Impartation Demonstration Delegation Supervision Reproduction From Coleman, THE Master Plan of Evangelism

Jesus Method was People:

Jesus Method was People Did he ignore the masses? Why 12 and not 6 or 20? What is your span of control? What kind of people did he choose?

Moving the Principles into Methodologies:

Moving the Principles into Methodologies Review the Four Seasons Chart of a previous lesson. What are the core foci at each phase? How does it relate to Leroy Eims four phases?In every cultural context these principles need to be formulated into a pattern of teaching Using the four seasons chart, identify the topics at each phase of growth. How do balance a structured pattern of teaching with responding to felt needs at a given point.

Your Objectives?:

Your Objectives? If you were to disciple 6 people per year for the rest of your life, and they were to disciple 6 each. How many people will you have discipled by the end of your life? If you were to preach to 1,000 people each month throughout your life and lead 30 to the Lord each time , how many people would you have touched? What then do you want to ask God to do through you? Add to your two year development plan for Urban Spirituality. Whatever you ask he will do (John 15:7,16). Are you prepared to lead this many people?

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