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Download latest yowhatsapp application for android with the amazing features. Learn more:-


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Some Instructions that will be helpful in downloading Viva WhatsApp WhatsApp Messenger is a fast free way of communicating with people who love and do business effectively. All smartphones come with it. To use it they need an only Internet connection thats all. It can be 2-4 G Wi-Fi or EDGE and forget old fashioned text messages in Whatsapp people can speak text messages and calls. People can also get and send documents photo and video files contacts can be shared notification sounds and wallpapers picked location sharing email chat history as well as several other cool features used. Moving forward the app saves all of the latest massages before people are online again and even when the phone is disconnected or switched off they wont miss any things on their chats. Besides this it is the worlds most widely used messaging application which is why it is very useful to ​install Viva Whatsapp ​. Here are instructions for ​Viva WhatsApp download ​ in a couple of minutes and just a few steps: ● ​ ​If people have the Play Store searches for it to install Viva WhatsApp and ​clicks on it ​. ● ​ ​At the top of the Play Store theres a search engine press it and type Whatsapp pick WhatsApp Messenger and then install. ● ​ ​Click accept maybe ask for approval to download the App if people are not connected to a Wi-Fi network as they will be deducted from their rate of application occupying data. Wait while they have Whatsapp installed. ● ​ ​When enabled people to see the option open they will have on this screen the green WhatsApp icon if they dont find it move it to the right before they find it. Whatsapp opens. ● ​ ​Accept the terms and conditions of the WhatsApp click Agree and continue. ● ​ ​Enter the mobile number verify that the prefix matches their country. People will receive an SMS in that telephone number so it must be correct and they must have access to that number if its their Viva mobile number the app will automatically read the SMS and confirm that its correct in case they dont have to enter the SMS code. Ok or Next Press. ● ​ ​Enter the username the name they want to show up on WhatsApp for their contacts. They can upload a photo for recognition too.

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● ​ ​Pressing continues and theyre done people have WhatsApp already built and configured with the operating system in their Viva. Start writing to the contacts by clicking the + button. Visit us:- ​