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Vi-Tel's new pin and top up system empowers its business owners to become a wireless dealer instantly for free. Receive bill payments on your very own website and start earning $$$


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Introduces… An Online Wireless Business Plan, Like Never Before…

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WARNING! UNSTOPPABLE BUSINESS PLAN AHEAD! YOUR SITE All Vi-Tel Members get a fully functional, search engine optimized website from which to drive their product sales. Each website comes fully loaded with phones and other consumer technology products for the customer to purchase. All products are drop-shipped leaving the business owner free of handling inventory. Every phone p urchase is followed by carrier and plan selection. All done straight through the website and credited to the business owner. Business Plan

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YOUR SITE Because your website is Search Engine Optimized, customers find your site through an internet search, or by you referring them to your site by other means. Business Plan Direct Deposited in Your Bank Account $ $ $ $ $ $ Your Customers then choose the phone they want and check out, earning you commissions. After your customers have purchased their phone, they will choose a carrier, activate and top-up their plan. This earns you commissions as well. This process will repeat throughout the month as you add new customers.

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YOUR SITE Business Plan Direct Deposited in Your Bank Account $ $ $ Next month you will continue adding new customers… But last month’s customers will return to top-up their plan, earning you commissions again. $ $ $ $ $ This trend will continue as you service your existing customers while continuing to gain new ones.

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Virtually any Pre-Paid Carrier becomes a Profit Center for your business! Earn Commissions re-filling your own pre-paid cellular plan! Earn Commissions when your friends, family and customers come to YOUR SITE to top-up their pre-paid plans! Quick and Easy, your Vi-Tel Business Site gives your customers a reliable way to make secure payments to their plan online. No Stores, no lines, NO HASSLE! Our Advanced top-up system allows your customers to pay for their plan and then receive their pins ON-SCREEN or through EMAIL! Pre-Paid Program Details

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With Vi-Tel you have the ability to earn selling dozens of phones, including HTC, Samsung, Motorola and many Android phones. COMMISSIONS BLU TATTOO HTC Magic Motorola Devour Samsung Omnia Plus Many More Many, Many More… Join Now to See our Full Line-up of Available Phones. Pre-Paid Phones

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