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DSRAZOR for Windows Opens New Possibilities Software innovations are a great tool to improving company productivity and operational efficiency. One of the overlooked aspects of exploring this world are the tools most often used by network administrators – the active directory, exchange management tools and the active directory users and computers. This is the heart of your company’s computer activity, yet many rely on tedious and tardy reports that often leave vital company information exposed or vulnerable. Your Windows Active Directory is one of the most important tools on your network, which is why you need DSRAZOR for Windows, the application designed for administrators who need to closely monitor this environment. DSRAZOR for Windows from Visual Click is an all-in-one application for management, reporting and delegating tasks. Since 1999, Visual Click has been serving customers as the leader in customizable computer network security access management and reporting applications. In real time, your network administrators can discover security weaknesses, document objects in the system, manage your software processes and delegate duties to associates. Managing a network is no easy task, but with DSRAZOR for Windows, your administrator will be able to stay on top of everything going on in your active directory and Windows file management. The beauty of DSRAZOR for Windows is its permissions. You will have the administrative tools that enable your administrator to quickly and easily create, import, manage and update users, groups and computers. System clogged? You can delete and easily clean unused groups or users. Security is a paramount concern for most companies. DSRAZOR for Windows offers complete file and folder permission security reports, and can reset passwords in bulk if there’s a major issue. Regulatory compliance audits will require your administrator to provide data Regulatory compliance auditing requires gathering of security related data from your file systems and directory. DSRAZOR for Windows can quickly, easily and accurately create custom reports your auditors and management require. You can also monitor all permissions in the system, a key to identifying who is accessing files and folders. You can also completely eliminate your help desk operator accounts’ ability to change permissions by using the Active Directory Zero Privilege Help Desk feature, yet another way to ensure system security. In a business world that moves fast, the ability to streamline tasks typically frees others to do more important work. DSRAZOR for Windows is a tool designed to eliminate layers of management tasks and simplify access to sensitive data. It’s a difference-maker that savvy companies understand.

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Company Bio Visual Click’s mission is to be the leading provider of customizable computer network security access management and reporting technology for organizations of all sizes. Our daily commitment to you, our customer, is to provide a product of good and lasting value reinforced by our friendly, accommodating and trustworthy customer service; service you can count on to be there for you. Summary DSRAZOR for Windows is an active directory management tool that simplifies network administrator tasks.

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