VisiRecording - A Mortgage Recording Solution


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VisiRecording is designed to deliver a productivity boost of 50% or higher. This workflow driven product streamlines your recording function by efficiently processing Real-Estate collateral and manages county correspondence.


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1 VisiRecording

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2 Fee Calculation - Request The fee calculation can be performed using ERNST and CERTUS. There are multiple documents for which we can calculate fee. There are recording questions which will appear and user will provide their response as per order.

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3 Fee Calculation - Response On successful calculation of the fee breakup will be displayed on the screen and user will be allowed to unselect any particular portion if needed. We also show other useful data like assumptions recording notes basic recording fee etc. User can also check the recording worksheet as well.

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4 Rejection Queue VisiRecording manage the rejections and their reasons. We have a rejection queue where user can view only rejected order and can also review the rejection reason.

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5 Check List – Maintenance In VisiRecording we can maintain the check lists which appear to user while processing the documents. This checklist provide different hints to the user to avoid rejections.

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6 Check List The checklist will appear while processing the order for each document type and user has to provide its response either Yes or NO.

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7 Issue Management We can create issues and assign to the customer user if required.

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8 Follow up Any task can be assigned a follow-up date so that task should not appear in the queue of the user. The task will disappear from the queue when follow-up is setup. As soon as the follow-up date is passed the task will appear in queue again.

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9 Courier Label VisiRecording has integration with FedEx courier label service. The FedEx labels can be generated through VisiRecording for single order/bulk order.

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10 Contact Us For a personalized demo contact us today. Visionet Systems Inc. 4 Cedarbrook Drive Bldg. B Cranbury NJ 08512 609-452-0700 x 1143 For more information please visit Mortgage Recordings Releases Assignments.

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