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Earth hour :

Earth hour turning off lights for one hour

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Earth hour :

Earth hour Earth Hour is a worldwide event organized by the  World Wide Fund for Nature  (WWF) and held towards the end of March annually, encouraging households and businesses to turn off their non-essential  lights  for one hour to  raise awareness  about the need to take action on  climate change . Earth Hour 2013 was celebrated on March 23, 2013. Earth Hour 2014 is scheduled for Saturday, March 29, from 8:30 p.m. to 9:30 p.m. during participants' local time .

Switch off lights for one hour:

Switch off lights for one hour More than 150 countries across the world, including the UK, switched off their lights for an hour today to support action to create a sustainable future for the planet. Environment charity WWF organised the Earth Hour event which saw iconic buildings such as Big Ben and the Houses of Parliament, Trafalgar Square, BFI Imax, the London Eye, the Gherkin, Edinburgh castle, Brighton Pier, Westminster abbey, Durham cathedral, Old Trafford, Canterbury cathedral, Windsor Castle and Tewkesbury abbey blacking out for an hour .

What are the benefits of earth hour?:

Earth Hour is about realizing that the actions we take –from the energy we use to the food we buy—have an effect on the world. Earth Hour is our chance to make and show our commitment to protect our planet not just for one hour a year, but every day. What are the benefits of earth hour?

Effectiveness of earth hour in india :

Effectiveness of earth hour in india India joined the Earth Hour movement in 2009, where 5 million Indians across 56 cities showed their support by switching off non essential lights and saving approximately 1000 MW of power in that one hour. Hundreds on educational institutions, 100 top public and private sector organizations, and governments of various cities participated.

PowerPoint Presentation:

In the last three years, the campaign has grown into a national movement supported by individuals, local governments, private and public sector organizations, and institutions. In 2011, individuals across 130 Indian cities participated and committed to a better lifestyle, adhering to the new phase of the campaign going beyond the hour. Over 1,000,000 students joined the movement as young environmentalists.

PowerPoint Presentation:

Local governments and state and city officials inspired citizens to observe Earth Hour leading by example, and switching off lights in State Chief Ministers residents and important landmarks across the state. Reiterating India’s sincere commitment towards environment conservation, the Rashtrapati Bhawan also switched off lights, so did the Prime Ministers’ residence.

How much electricity is saved in India during earth hour ?:

How much electricity is saved in India during earth hour ? In India during Earth Hour our nation saves 1000’s megawatts every year Most of the places switches of lights which not only saves electricity but also saves the earth