How Google Cloud Platform Can Benefit DevOps?

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How Google Cloud Platform Can Benefit DevOps? :

How Google Cloud Platform Can Benefit DevOps?

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DevOps (development and operations) is an operating model used to automate work processes and increase a company's ability to deliver services at high speed. The key principles of DevOps are automation and knowledge sharing. With DevOps services, you can increase the efficiency and quality of your final digital product. Nowadays, organizations prefer to adopt DevOps and migrate their applications to the cloud. Hosted virtual platforms have their own pros and cons for DevOps.

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What Is DevOps On Google Cloud Platform? Google Cloud Platform (GCP) is one of the largest computer networks. It is a combination of different services that use the same software and hardware that Google uses for its own products (Gmail, YouTube). In addition to Google's IT resources, GCP supports a number of DevOps tools that make the DevOps process faster and easier.

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Google Cloud Services Cloud Console: Cloud Console provides a detailed view of each element of your DevOps in the cloud. It helps deploy, scale-up and diagnose production problems in a simple web interface. Thanks to the on-the-go functionality, you can stay alert of any problem and even perform some basic actions on mobile devices, such as restarting a server. With Google Cloud Console for DevOps, you can easily manage the cloud-based delivery cycle. Key Features include: Resource management, data management, SSH in browser, cloud shell, Diagnostics, Multilingual

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2. Google Compute Engine: Google Compute Engine provides virtual machines on demand. Compute Engine allows users to run workloads on Google's physical hardware. Its virtual machines are available in a number of configurations, including predefined sizes or the ability to create custom machine types optimized for your specific needs. GCE allows administrators to select the region where certain data will be stored and used. Key Features include: Predefined machine types, Custom machine types, Persistent disks, Local SSD, Transparent maintenance, Compliance and security

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3. GCP Deployment Manager: GCP Deployment Manager allows users to specify all the resources necessary for the application in a declarative format using YAML, Python or Jinja2. The DevOps Specialist can tell Deployment Manager what a final deployment should look like and GCP will use the tools and processes necessary for you. Key Features include: Parallel deployment, Templates, Updates, Input and output parameters, Preview mode, Console UI

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Google Cloud Platform Characteristics Compute: You can equip Google Compute Engine instances with up to 96 virtual processors and 624 GB of RAM. Storage/Disk: SSD, volume sizes from 1 GB to 64 TB Network Each core is subject to a ceiling of 2 Gbit / s for optimal performance. Each additional core increases the network limit, up to a theoretical maximum of 16 Gbit / s for each virtual machine. Security: Google Cloud's security model, global infrastructure and unique ability to innovate will help keep your organization secure and compliant.

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Pricing: Any use of cloud billing APIs is free. Cloud request Apis include Cloud request Account API, Cloud request Catalog API, Cloud request Budget API, and alerts are free for Google Cloud customers, but standard Pub / Sub prices will be charged for budget notifications.If you use BigQuery to store cloud billing usage data, you will incur minimal fees. Support: We offer a variety of ways to get support, including basic free billing support, paid packages, and developer communities.

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DevOps is a Key to Success! Google Cloud Platform is a reliable service that has adopted and activated DevOps. It offers a number of traditional and personalized tools for your use.Make sure you have a team of DevOps specialists on board to get the most out of Google Cloud Platform.

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