Comparison of Two Leading Integration Products Mulesoft vs Biz talk

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Comparison of Two Leading Integration Products:

Comparison of Two Leading Integration Products Mulesoft VS BizTalk


Nowadays, there is a lot of compression going on for different types of integration tools. Here I provide information about MuleSoft and BizTalk. Both are popular and have a lot of confusion when choosing the integration tool. Mulesoft: MuleSoft provides businesses with a new generation integration platform (Mule ESB and CloudHub) to connect all their systems (SaaS and enterprise applications) both in the cloud and on-premises. Mules ESB is an enterprise service bus (ESB) hosted by Java and an integration solution that allows developers to seamlessly connect their existing applications and easily exchange information over the Web. It allows a simple and fast API exposure


Architecture is a scalable and distributable object broker that can manage the interactions between legacy systems, internal applications and almost all modern transport and protocols. It allows easy integration of existing systems, regardless of the different technologies used by the applications, notably JMS, Web services, JDBC, HTTP, etc. ESB can be deployed anywhere, can integrate and orchestrate events in real-time or in batches, and has universal connectivity. The containers it provides and its simple, user-friendly graphics can only further streamline the developer workflow It supports interaction with other platforms via Web services or REST It complies with all the main data connection and representation standards


BizTalk: BizTalk is the integration tool developed by Microsoft BizTalk provides the basic services to perform powerful application integration on disparate systems and even organizations. Microsoft BizTalk Server is an application server that enables companies to integrate and manage automated business processes by exchanging business documents, within or across organizational boundaries With more than 15,000 corporate customers worldwide and more than 80% of Fortune Global 100 companies use it. We can safely conclude that this is a very successful product.


Microsoft BizTalk Server provides a development and execution environment that orchestrates business processes, within and across enterprises. Solutions can be developed very quickly with BizTalk Server. The effort spent will be less. BizTalk is designed to work in a multi-server environment. We can run the application on different servers to manage load and high availability. It can be used to communicate with a wide range of legacy applications. There is always a possibility of developing


Best fit Scenario for MuleSoft: The smallest initial investment, low traffic Mainly Salesforce or Cloud or Mobile integrations Complex business rules in existing code for Java The organization has a java team


Best Fit Scenario for BizTalk: When it is necessary to integrate many legacy systems Very high traffic between systems Enterprise system like ERP, traditional CRM Must face EDI / X12 etc. Complex business rules in existing code for .NET BizTalk is very easy to integrate if the development is on the Microsoft software family. When the organization has more .NET team and uses a Microsoft product because BizTalk requires Visual Studio and SQL Server BizTalk resources are readily available on the market rather than other integration tool resources


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