Top 6 Things You Must Know About Node

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Top 6 Things You Must Know About Node.JS Development :

Top 6 Things You Must Know About Node.JS Development


Since its creation in 2009 by Ryan Dahl, Node.js is doing wonders in the field of open source development. The development of Node JS is widely used by coders around the world to create APIs and develop an interoperability matrix. JavaScript coders use it extensively to create real-time Web APIs.


This article provides you with information about the development of Node JS. Here are the top 6 facts on the development of Node.js 1. JSON has won: JavaScript Object Notation is a convenient format for exchanging data. It helps JavaScript developers quickly build APIs and promote interoperability.


2. JavaScript is everywhere: Everyone knows that JavaScript is an object-oriented language like the C language. It is used to develop applications in a browser with a new framework that periodically emerges to encourage developers. It works on multiple operating system environments.


3. Sharing is encouraged: It's easy to share library code packets not only technically and culturally, but also legally and procedurally. Node.js has Node Package Manager and more than 50,000 packages 4. Node package manager works broadly: The node package manager is the root of all deployment systems. It motivates several PaaS providers for node.js.


5. Batteries not included minimalism: Node.js applications are divided into small modules that are then composed and shared. All packages can be defined and manufactured. When packages are successfully executed, they only handle one task. 6. Instrumentation: The tools help an application to prepare for production and improve its performance. Like any other maturing technology, there are many areas in which best practices can be useful, as well as more tools and documentation.


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