The Best Way to Learn Google Cloud Platform

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The Best Way to Learn Google Cloud Platform:

The Best Way to Learn Google Cloud Platform



What is Google Cloud? The Google Cloud Platform (GCP) is one of the top three public cloud providers at the moment. It has proven to be a prime competitor in the cloud market with its robust analytics and machine learning capabilities. In addition, many cloud computing companies choose GCP on Azure and AWS.


The Best Way to Learn Google Cloud Platform Here are some tips to help you learn to use Google Cloud Platform on your own: Start With Cloud Basics: Before getting familiar with Google Cloud Platform, you need to understand the basics of the cloud. Do your research on cloud networks, databases, security, storage, big data, and machine learning to understand how they work within the cloud platform.


2. Explore Free Google Cloud Resources: Google provides a ton of free resources to introduce you to its services and technologies. Watch some introductory videos to get a better idea of what's available on the platform. 3. Sign Up for GCP Training Courses: Free resources are a great way to get started with Google Cloud Platform basics. Whether you're interested in application development, commerce and technology, cloud infrastructure, or even data and machine learning, there's plenty of Google cloud training available.


Structured classroom or online training can help you better remember information than self-learning. Here are some recommended courses to get you started: Fundamentals of the Google Cloud Platform - Core Infrastructure: In this core course, you'll learn how to integrate Google Cloud solutions through a combination of presentations, demonstrations, and hands-on labs.


Architecture with Google Cloud Platform - Infrastructure: Explore GCP's comprehensive and flexible infrastructure and platform services. You will learn how to deploy practical solutions, including secure interconnection networks, encryption keys, and access management. Architecture with Google Cloud Platform - Design and Process: Learn how to build effective and reliable solutions on the Google Cloud platform using proven design templates and Google Site Reliability Engineering (SRE) principles .


4. Get Google Cloud Certified : Google offers several certification programs for those who want to become Google Cloud Platform experts. The Professional Cloud Architect certification is an excellent starting point. The exam will test your ability to: Design and plan a cloud solution architecture Manage the infrastructure of the cloud solution Design for compliance and security Optimize the technical and commercial processes


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