What are the advantages of Google Cloud Platform?

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What are the Advantages of Google Cloud Platform? www.visualpath.in


Google Cloud Platform or GCP is a set of public cloud services offered by Google to business customers. These services cover the storage, computing, and application development needs of organizations and run on hardware provided by Google. www.visualpath.in


Services offered by Google Cloud Platform www.visualpath.in


IT services: Calculation Engines: This is an IaaS solution that offers virtual machines or virtual machines running on a Google infrastructure. Container Engine : This is a cluster management system for Docker containers based on the Kubernetes project. www.visualpath.in




Storage and database services: Cloud Storage: Refers to unified object storage that provides various storage options, such as low-latency geo-redundant content and high QPS content, for users in different geographic regions. Cloud SQL, which is a fully managed database for MySQL relational database services on the Google platform. www.visualpath.in


Big Data Services: Big Query refers to a server-less, fully-managed data warehouse that can store queries for Big Data using SQL.  Dataproc refers to Apache Hadoop Apache Hive, Apache Spark, and Apache Pig Managed Services for processing large datasets. www.visualpath.in


Machine Learning Services: Cloud Machine Learning refers to a managed service for creating machine learning models through the Tensor Flow framework. Cloud Speech API that converts speech to text.   www.visualpath.in


Networking Services: The Google Cloud virtual network refers to a set of network features that Google runs, such as granular IP address selection, firewalls, routes, virtual private networks, and more. Cloud load balancing is a service that balances loads and automatically scales computing resources in one or more areas. www.visualpath.in


Identity and security services: Google Cloud IAM or Identity and Access Management will allow administrators to decide who will have the ability to act on resources and will also cover the integrated audit. www.visualpath.in

Advantages of Google Cloud Platform :

Advantages of Google Cloud Platform www.visualpath.in


One of the biggest benefits of the Google Cloud platform is its price advantage compared to other public cloud service providers. Users will only have to pay for the computing time they use and are eligible for attractive discounts for long-term workloads. www.visualpath.in


The choice of Google Cloud has another key advantage is the presence of a vast global private network using fiber optic cables, operating even under the oceans. www.visualpath.in


Google Cloud is also paving the way for live migration of virtual machines. Suppliers like AWS and Azure can not offer this unique feature. When you host a WordPress site, you can be sure that your virtual machines are still operational. www.visualpath.in


Google Cloud can also guarantee better performance. There are fast response times without peaks and minimal errors. In addition, Google Cloud also offers superior security measures and you benefit from a model that has taken shape over the past 15 years. www.visualpath.in


Finally, Google Cloud has always committed to expanding its infrastructure to many new sites. www.visualpath.in


There are many advantages by using Google Cloud. It's cheaper, no doubt; but, he also boasts of having one of the largest networks in the world. This can guarantee low latency and better computing prices because the data is processed more quickly. www.visualpath.in


Cloud Security Scanner is a web security scanning solution designed to detect common vulnerabilities in App Engine applications. www.visualpath.in


Cloud Resource Manager refers to a service to programmatically manage resource containers. www.visualpath.in


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