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Nachiket group is one of the best organic waste converter supplier and manufacturer in pune. It is the best waste converter machine contractor in pune.


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Welcome to Nachiket:

Group Engineering Welcome to Nachiket An ISO 9001-2008 Certified Company https://nachiketgroup.com/organic-waste-convertors-2/ https://nachiketgroup.com/

About Us:

About Us Nachiket Engineering Pvt. Ltd. is born to provide simple solutions & technologies, under the leadership & vision of retired engineer Mr. Dilip Kulkarni from Indian Space Research Organization. The Solutions are designed to resolve environmental issues & save time, labour , energy, efforts & through application engineering & end to end solutions for sustainable development. We will identify such opportunities, where we can ease common man’s life and improve day today living. Nachiket Engineering is one of the best manufacturer and supplier of Organic Waste Converter, Organic Waste Composting Machine, Sanitary Napkin Incinerator, Waste Converter, Drum Composter, Composting Machine and Garden Shredder. A  waste converter  is basically used for recycling of solid and liquid rebuff material. https://nachiketgroup.com/organic-waste-convertors-2/

Our Product:

Our Product Automatic Organic Waste Converter Organic Waste Converter Automatic Drum Organic Waste Converter Automatic dewatering Composter Batch Type Organic Waste Converter Waste Squeezer Composting Machine Organic Waste Composting Machine Food Waste Converter Waste Converter Garden Shredder Sanitary Napkin Incinerator Drum Composter Green Waste Processor https://nachiketgroup.com/organic-waste-convertors-2/

Organic Waste Converter :

We specialize in offering a wide array of Organic Waste Converter that is used for aerobic decomposition of the material. It has a rotating horizontal agitator on which tumbler is attached and waste food is poured. This agitator mixes and throws the waste in the chopper that rotates at high speed, thus provides adequate amount of oxygen, temperature and moisture that promotes the growth of aerobic microbes. We provide this converter in various sizes & models and specifications. Clients can avail our offered converter from us at an affordable price. Organic Waste Converter https://nachiketgroup.com/organic-waste-convertors-2/

Specifications of organic waste converter :

The temperature inside the system rises to 55 to 85 °C removing All the foul odour of the waste Moisture content is maintained between 75-80% to prevent drying The microzones caused by aeration in the process chambers At the end of one cycle of 17 minutes, the resulting mixture A light brown colour pre–compost ready for curing Total Organic Carbon: 41.93% Total Kjeldahl Nitrogen: 3.13% C.N ratio= 13.38:1 N:P:K= 3.13 : 3.14 : 1.70 PH: 7.8 Specifications of organic waste converter https://nachiketgroup.com/organic-waste-convertors-2/

Features :

Different models for different requirements Specific chamber and agitator design for different waste Manual as well as automatic models available Features https://nachiketgroup.com/organic-waste-convertors-2/

Advantages :

Reduced haulage and landfill tipping fees Revenue from the sale of recyclables Protection from insect and rodent infestations Reduction of fire hazards Improved community relations Advantages https://nachiketgroup.com/organic-waste-convertors-2/

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Contact US:

Address: Nachiket engg Pvt. Ltd.   303, Sanskrutishilp, Opp. Jivanjyot Mandal, Off Karve road, Erandwane, Pune – 411004 Phone: (+91) 020 65008600 (+91) 750 758 3000 Email: [email protected] Contact US https://nachiketgroup.com/organic-waste-convertors-2/


THANK YOU https://nachiketgroup.com/organic-waste-convertors-2/