EEA Family Permit UK And ILR Visa UK Detaills

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EEA Family Permit UK And ILR Visa UK Detaills:

EEA Family Permit UK And ILR Visa UK Detaills

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Initially it is important to know and understand what is EEA family permit UK ? It is a document that assists the holder to enter UK as a family member of any citizen of a contracting state to the EEA agreement or a Switzerland citizen. It will help you to get a quick and easy entry to UK and obtaining of a boarding pass will quicken the whole process a little bit surely. And one more thing any delay on this ground of boarding can actually make the permission impossible for you so you have to be little bit serious about this.

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You can only apply this if you are an outside of EEA or if you are an extended family member of EEA national. You can get the eligibility if you get the permission under the derivative right of residence or you have to qualify for Surindhar Singh application. You can even get this by having retained right of residence. Documents you need to provide for EEA family permit UK A valid passport of you You have to show your relationship with the EEA family member for example you can show marriage certificate, civil partnership or birth certificate. Evidence of your self-sufficiency like statement of banks.

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If you want to live, work or study in UK for indefinite span of time like other UK citizens without any immigration restrictions then you definitely should apply for ILR visa UK . The qualification criteria depend completely on which and what kind of visa status you hold in UK. Remember, it can take 6 months to be decided and this time you have to stay without your passport and in case you do not want stay without your passport then you have to take an appointment on the same date which is quite tough and laborious.

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