No consitution = No freedom

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No constitution = No freedom:

No constitution = No freedom By: Viridiana Aguilera


Background T he United Leaders planned to write a constitution so that Americans could help write their own laws

Point of Divergence:

Point of Divergence What would it be like if the leaders didn’t write the Constitution.

No Constitution:

No Constitution We wouldn’t have “Freedom of press”, religion , etc. Evidence It means that the government cant say nothing to the people about what they put in the newspaper and books.

No Ten Amendments:

No Ten Amendments In 1791, they wouldn’t added the “ Bill rights” that give every American many freedoms. Evidence These were added because the leaders wanted laws to be fair to all Americans.

No Freedom of Vote:

No Freedom of Vote The C onstitution wouldn’t says that Americans should vote. Evidence Americans when they vote for the senators and the representatives they help them write there own laws.

What would today be like:

What would today be like If we didn’t had The Constitution Americans wouldn’t have freedom of anything