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Booker T. Washington:

During the Reconstruction he helped African Americans get better jobs. He had been a slave, but he became free after the civil war . In 1881 he started a school in Alabama for African American. His school was called the Tuskegee Institute. People could learn to do many kinds of work at Tuskegee. The new school opened on July 4, 1881, initially using space in a local church. The next year, Washington purchased a former plantation, which became the permanent site of the campus. Under his direction, his students literally built their own school: making bricks, constructing classrooms, barns and outbuildings; and growing their own crops and raising livestock; both for learning and to provide for most of the basic necessities. Booker T. Washington

American Move west:

In 1862 the United States senators and representatives in Congress wrote a new law. It was called the Homestead Act. The Homestead Act gave settlers free land on great plains. The Homestead Act helped people who wanted to own land. Thousands of Americans moved to the Great Plains. After a civil war, many African Americans also moved west to get free land. Farms were started on the great plains American Move west

The united states gets more land:

After the Civil War, the United States wanted to rule more land. People in many countries believed in an idea called imperialism. Imperialism means one country rules other countries or colonies. The United States wanted to rule other countries, too. The United States decided that it wanted to rule Alaska. Alaska is a large piece of land near northwestern Canada. The weather in Alaska is very cold much of the. The United States bought Alaska from Russia in 1867. The united states gets more land

New inventions change the United States:

Alexander Graham Bell mad, or invented, the first telephone. He was an immigrant from Scotland. Bell was a teacher of children who were deaf. He taught them how to speak. Alexander Graham Bell wanted to make a machine so the people who were far apart could talk to one another. Bell worked on his machine for two years in 1876 his machine worked. Bell had the words first telephone. In a few years, there were telephone in most American cities New inventions change the United States