The united states doubles in size

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The united states doubles in size:

The man who wrote most of the declaration of Independence became President of the united States in 1801. Americans Lived in the 13 states near the Atlantic Ocean . But every year more Americans moved to the west. American farmers needed the port of New Orleans. An African American named York helped Lewis explore the west, Thomas Jefferson helped the United States double in size. The united states doubles in size

The war of 1812 :

The United States And Great Britain were fighting again in the year 1812. Americans wanted freedom of the seas “Freedom of the Seas” means that the ships can sail wherever they want. During the war of 1812, the United States tired to capture Canada. Canada belonged to Great Britain. The British army in Canada was strong. The United States could not capture Canada. The war of 1812

The industrial revolution:

Then in the late 1700s the British invented machines to help them make cloth. This was the start of the Industrial Revolution. The Industrial Revolution began in Great Britain. In 1793 Whitney invented a machine called the cotton gin. This machine helped cotton farmers. A man named Robert Fulton sailed a steamboat on the Hudson River in New York. The industrial revolution

Andrew Jackson:

Andrew Jackson was the seventh President of our country. He was born near the border between North Carolina and South Carolina in 1767. Andrew Jackson wanted to help his country during the war of 1812. Andre Jackson became a hero. People liked him because he won the battle against the creek and the battle of New Orleans. While Jackson was President, some people didn’t want to obey tax laws made by Congress. People in south Carolina did not want to pay tariffs Andrew Jackson

Americans work for reform:

In the early 1800s, there was no laws that said children must go to school. Horace Mann worked to improve public schools in Massachusetts. Then they had better school because of Horace Mann. Emma Willard helped girls get a better education . She started the first high school for girls. Mary Lyon also helped women get a better education. She decided to start a College for women it was called Mount Holyoke Female Seminary. In the 1800s the fight for women’s right began. Some people felt that women were not treated fairly Americans work for reform