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Vincent Rager has afforded his expertise on the major issues like “Cultural Differences in Caring for Older Adults,” The Chicago School, Los Angeles, CA on Dec 2010, “Chronic Pediatric Iron-Deficiency Anemia Treatment Adherence,” The Chicago School, Los Angeles, CA on Dec 2012, “Crisis Intervention Skills,” Westwood Counseling Center, Los Angeles, CA on Oct 2010. Find out more about him at his official site


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Vincent Rager Worked in Clinical and Forensic Psychology

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Aleksey Mendez has a commendable, well-diversified portfolio that speaks volume. He has an impeccable experience in Behavior-Based Safety, Workers Compensation Claim Management, EMR oversight and Root Cause Analysis and investigation of events leading to work injuries. 2

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Vincent Rager is a leading professional who has played a great role in the combined psychotherapy and treatment plans with special education practices, safety, and security plans, nurture care and group home case management, family and school-based treatment interventions, social and life skills development, youth, family, staff conflict resolution, and community-based multidisciplinary interventions. 3

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Dr. Vincent Rager has been a prominent part of authorized, multidisciplinary, and mental health didactic training. Vincent Rager earned his Master of Arts from The Chicago School of Professional Psychology, Los Angeles, CA in August 2011 and at that time, his field was clinical psychology .   4

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Vincent Rager , Psy.D . assisted EOP Anger Management therapy group focused on applying CBT and creative techniques. Deliver crisis prevention, intervention, and management in a variety of suicidal, homicidal, harm towards self and others, and other mental health crisis situations in individual and group settings 5

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Dr. Vincent Rager managed and wrote Developmental Disability Screenings and Evaluations with treatment recommendations. He also wrote Mental Health Primary Clinician Initial Assessments with treatment recommendations 6

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Vincent Rager collaborated with Inter-Disciplinary Treatment Team (IDTT) concentrated on establishing individualized mental health diagnoses, treatment goals, level of care transfer evaluations, safety and security risk management, conflict resolution, master treatment plans, crisis prevention, medication management, educational and occupational planning, and pre-release planning during weekly IDTT, individual supervision, and group supervision meetings. 7

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