Vincent Rager, Psy.D. From Bakersfield, California

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Vincent Rager’s major focus is on creating individualized mental health diagnoses, level of care transfer evaluations, master treatment plans, safety and security risk management, conflict resolution, treatment objectives, crisis prevention, medication management, educational and occupational planning, and pre-release planning during weekly IDTT, individual supervision, and group supervision meetings. To know more about him visit his official site


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Worked in Clinical and Forensic Psychology Vincent Rager

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Vincent Rager is a leading professional known for partaking in authorized multidisciplinary and mental health didactic training.

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Vincent Rager played a proactive role in the combined psychotherapy and treatment plans with special education practices safety and security plans nurturing care and group home case management family and school-based treatment interventions social and life skills development youth family staff conflict resolution and community- based multidisciplinary interventions.

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Vincent Rager is distinguished professional and this is evident from the fact that he is working as a member of American Psychological Association California Psychological Association Psi Chi and The International Honors Society in Psychology and The Chicago School Alumni Group.

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He is also a leading member of the Human Rights Campaign Equality California Institute St. Paul’s Episcopal Church Pastoral Ministry Team and The United Nations Children’s Fund.

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Vincent Rager is renowned for helping ASU-1 Coping Skills therapy group with stress on healthy self-expression for violence prevention.

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Vincent Rager performed a remarkable role in managing multidisciplinary staff to form relationships with treatment case management safety and security occupational educational crime prevention and pre-release planning services called for in comprehensive treatment plans access with multidisciplinary staff concerning participation and progress of caseload in these services.

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Thank You To know more about him visit his official site