Dr. Vincent Rager From Bakersfield, California

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Vincent Rager finds inspiration from his Christian faith, hard working single-mother, schoolteachers, and a lifelong personal belief to be a force for good in the hearts and minds of people who are in dire need of it. To know more about him visit his official site http://vincentrager.com


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Vincent Rager Worked in Clinical and Forensic Psychology

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Vincent Rager has played a decisive role while making the best use of his understanding and rich knowledge of clinical and forensic psychology.

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Dr. Vincent Rager was born to a soldier in the U.S Army and disabled before Vincent was born.

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He is a kind person as he has always helped people in their hard times. Owing to his personal experiences, he has become an empathetic psychologist.

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Vincent Rager finished Doctor of Psychology from The Chicago School of Professional Psychology, Los Angeles, CA in 2015. His field of study was clinical psychology focused on health psychology.

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Vincent Rager Psy.D . implemented specialized crisis prevention and intervention measures collaboratively with school and law enforcement officials.

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The sole purpose was to offer instant environmental safety measures, forwarding necessary medical and law enforcement personnel, and offering instant risk prevention, intervention, and management plans. 

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Vincent Rager has always taken initiatives and he played a crucial role in terms of aiding as a co-organizer of EOP Getting Out to Go in (GOGI) group with inmate-patient focused on endorsing positive culture and crime recidivism prevention.

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THANK YOU Find out more about him at his official site http://vincentrager.com