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Vincent Rager Psy.D. is renowned for assisting ASU-1 Coping Skills therapy group with stress on healthy self-expression for violence prevention. Find out more about him at his official site


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Vincent Rager Worked in Clinical and Forensic Psychology

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Vincent Rager did Doctor of Psychology from The Chicago School of Professional Psychology Los Angeles CA back in August 2015. His field of study was clinical psychology while he focused on health psychology.

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Vincent Rager has many years of experience of working in Clinical and Forensic Psychology.

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Vincent Rager also played a great role in terms of facilitating as a co-facilitator of EOP Getting Out to Go in GOGI group with inmate-patient focused on promoting a positive culture and crime recidivism prevention through social and life skills development for prosocial decision-making.

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He is regarded for writing Suicide Risk and Self-Harm Evaluations with individualized safety plans.

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Vincent Rager also played a great role in terms of creating individualized treatment plans focused on a variety of therapeutic goals and interventions for co-occurring mental disorders psychosocial issues and medication management.

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Vincent Rager also played a great role in terms of combined psychotherapy and treatment plans with special education practices safety and security plans family and school- based treatment interventions social and life skills development nurturing care and group home case management youth family and staff conflict resolution and community-based multidisciplinary interventions.

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Thank You To know more about him visit his official site