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VCS SGOC Business plan presentation See Who We are?

Mission Statement:

Mission Statement To serve the mass and society at all. Marginally optimum utilization of essence.


OUR COMPANY We Works VCS is an independent, professional services platform. Our strategic plan is to introduce and implement solutions to our client’s challenges. We design an approach to meet customer end goal and design an approach to achieve the desired solution. Our team approach applies the founding principal values (known as ACDR) to each project. Agreement & Terms -mutual understanding of the challenges, tasks, and deliverables. Commitment- as per all necessary resources to resolve the defined challenges. Dedication- placing 100+ efforts until the challenge is met or exceeded. Results- matrix indicators to show resolution and strategic map to address future challenges. VCS will accommodate customer’s needs using short or long range planning strategies. For additional information regarding tasks, visit Our Goals or Services sections.


Competition No one is our competitors all are just a market maker. We have full of compromising proceedings towards company’s competitive advantag es .

The Team:

The Team As CEO Mr. Vinay Kumar Verma, and key management Mr. Ajay Includ ing previous accomplishments , people with a record of success Parent Group SG. Eight years of experience in this field.In addition With 60+ Years of Experience. AS PER THE DATE OF 28 JULY 2012 WE HAVE NO FIRM AND COMPANY REGISTRATION AND IT IS OUR POLICY TO ESTABLISH A PUBLIC LTD. COMPANY. IT IS PRE INCORPORATION WORKS OF OUR COMPANY.

Market Summary:

Market Summary Summarize your market in the past, present, and future. Review those changes in market share, leadership, players, market shifts, costs, pricing, or competition that provide the opportunity for your company’s success.


Opportunities Identify problems and opportunities. State consumer problems and define the nature of product/service opportunities that are created by those problems.

Business Concept:

Business Concept Join Board Meet.*

Goals and Objectives:

Goals and Objectives five-year goals(Under Construction and d i levered to drafting committee ) Specific, measurable objectives for achieving five-year goals. market-share objectives. revenue/profitability objectives.



Financial Plan:

Financial Plan A high-level financial plan that defines our financial model and pricing assumptions. This plan includes expected annual sales and profits for the next three years. Al l Budgetary Details. 24 Hour + 365 days in a year performance disclosure. Financial Information at Media center/press Release. Prepaid and accrual basis of all work contracts. 100% ERP support to all and lively for financial workings.

Resource Requirements:

Resource Requirements List Of R equirements R esources: Personnel Technology Finances Distribution Promotion Products Services

Risks and Rewards:

Risks and Rewards Production Consultancy to IT company will be risks of the proposed project if the project is postponed or staye d, and it will be addressed to the Efficiency Audit a nd policy implementation department . E-Audit CS(Core Services) Project.

Key Issues:

Key Issues Near term Identify key decisions and issues that need immediate or near-term resolution. State consequences of decision postponement. Long term Identify issues needing long-term resolution. State consequences of decision postponement. It may be Reliance and TATA group will consider our business and investment Policy, if they want to cooperate to serve the global mass.