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Vinay Rama - Music Therapist Vinay Rama has always loved music and learned to play the piano and guitar at a young age. His parents often gave him musical instruments as gifts and encouraged his love for music. He decided he wanted to use music to help people and studied psychology in school. He is now a successful music therapist who helps hundreds of patients. Improves IQ Studies show that listening to music can help improve a child’s IQ. Promotes Happiness Music can make people happy and easily improve their moods. Reduces Stress When people listen to music they can begin to feel calm and forget about the things that cause stress in their lives.


Vinay Rama - Helping People With Music Vinay Rama cares about helping people and has a unique way of doing so. He has found a way to combine his love of music with his desire to help those in need. He uses music to treat behavior disorders, mood problems, and mental illness. He treats both children and adults of all ages. Makes You Happy Music has the ability to cheer you up and make you happy. If you are feeling sad, nervous or upset you can listen to music and chances are, it will make you feel better in just a short time. Motivates You If you have a big event or important day coming up, you may need some motivation. Music is a great way to get yourself excited about something or motivated to do well.


Vinay Rama - Enjoying Skiing Vinay Rama loves music but he is also passionate about other things. He loves to ski and goes skiing often. He enjoys challenging himself on the slopes but always makes it a point to stay safe. He has been skiing in many different places and considers himself a good skier. He enjoys staying active and being outdoors. Wear The Right Gear Always wear the right clothing and gear while skiing. You want to protect your body from the cold and from injuries. Stay Focused When you are skiing you want to stay focused and pay attention to where you are going. You don’t want to run into another skier, a tree or another obstacle. Watching where you are going is the best way to avoid an accident and injury and will help make you a better skier.


Vinay Rama - Giving Back To The Community Vinay Rama has always cared about the people in his community and he knows that it is important to give back. He works as a music therapist and treats people from all different backgrounds and of all ages. This allows him to work closely with the people he cares about and help as many of them as possible.


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