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To work as a professional music therapist, there are a number of qualities that an individual should possess. A high level of knowledge of musical styles (and instruments) is at the top of the chart, followed by a genuine desire to assist people. Like Vinay Rama, therapists should also have good communication skills, interest in the field of psychology, and a non-judgmental mindset.


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Vinay Rama Musical Therapist Vinay Rama has been working as a music therapist for more than 3 years. His work entails using sound and music to help people improve their emotional wellbeing and relieve pressure. Rama has always appreciated the therapeutic nature of music and has endeavored to put his musical talents to good use by helping people improve their mental and emotional health.


Vinay Rama Professional Qualifications To work as a professional music therapist, an individual is required to have completed a graduate program from a college of music, or a four-year degree in music from a university. This is the minimum requirement for admission into a master ’ s in music therapy program, which Vinay Rama is hoping to undertake in the next year as he continues helping clients. Vinay Rama ’ s heart was drawn to music from a very young age. He fondly remembers one of his childhood gifts, a small guitar, inspiring him to learn more about sound and music.


Vinay Rama Helping Clients Since he was a young boy, Vinay Rama has always had a deep passion for sound and music. He learned to play the piano and guitar by age 10 and was a member of his high school ’ s music band. Rama translated this passion into a career as a music therapist. On a daily basis, his work help clients use sound and music to express themselves. Vinay Rama works as a professional music therapist in London, where he helps clients communicate through sound and music. Before starting any session, he has to get clients to agree on a program of activity that is reviewed regularly.


Vinay Rama Therapist Role As a professional music therapist, Vinay Rama ’ s role is to help people improve their confidence and emotional well-being through music and sound. He ’ s undertaken an undergraduate degree course in music therapy, and very soon is hoping to start working towards a master ’ s degree. Rama likes the work because it allows him to relate with and help different kinds of people.


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