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Vinayak Netralaya is one of the best Eye Hospital in Indore with widely experienced Eye surgeon and doctors for all the Eye Care related problems in Indore.


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ABOUT US Vinayak Netralaya is a super specialty hospital committed to the care and treatment of eye diseases and disorders. To deliver on our vision – Prevention of Blindness, we have been taking the lead in initiatives to provide quality eye care through Highly qualified doctors Trained medical and para-medical staff State-of–the–art treatment equipment & techniques All the while remaining rooted to our high ethical standards Vinayak Netralaya is known for its excellence in Ophthalmic services with personalized care and is committed to pioneering in the technological revolution in eye care and rendering service to thousands of patients from across the globe to see the world better than ever before. We are one of the very few hospital with all the specialties of eye care under one roof making cross consultation easy and seamless. All eye disorders including the most complicated ones are treated here with utmost precision & good success rate. Vinayak Netralaya has cutting-edge facilities both for basic and advanced diagnostic tests and surgeries. The hospital ensures best quality total eye care for all the patients and is one of the pioneers for introducing the latest technologies for eye care. The Mission of the VINAYAK NETRALAYA is: To continuously improve the experience, care and outcomes of patients with eye disorders The VINAYAK NETRALAYA tries to achieve the above mission by: Facilitating and promoting the exchange of knowledge between eye hospitals worldwide Exchanging best practices in the planning, organization and delivery of eye care services throughout the world


DOCTOR’s Dr . Pranay Singh Dr. S.S. VERMA Dr. Sachin Arya Dr. Amit N Solanki Dr. Vijay Labana Dr. Deepali Fauzdar Eye Cosmetic Surgery Glaucoma Glued-IOL-ICL Lasik Squint Treatment Cataract Treatment SERVICES

Eye Cosmetic Surgery:

Eye Cosmetic Surgery Vinayak Netralaya boasts of an excellent Oculoplasty Department offering the best Oculoplasty Surgery in Indore with its state-of-the-art technology and infrastructure. Most oculoplastic surgeries conducted at our hospitals can be performed on an outpatient basis, which means you go home the same day and recovery is fairly quick. Surgeries available for different structural eye diseases include: Blepharoplasty , also called eyelift surgery, helps to remove excess fat from upper and lower eyelids. It also includes eyebrow and cheek lift Entropion repair corrects eyelids that fold inward Ectropion repair corrects eyelids that turn outward Ptosis repair corrects drooping eyelids External dacryocystorhinostomy (DCR) restores the flow of tears.


Glaucoma Glaucoma is the name for a group of eye conditions in which optic nerve is damaged at the point where it leaves the eye. This nerve carries information from the light sensitive layer, the retina, to the brain where it is perceived as a picture. In some people, the glaucoma damage is caused by raised eye pressure. Others may have an eye pressure within normal limits but damage occurs because there is weakness in the optic nerve . Surgical facility includes Trabeculectomy with anti-fibrotic agents (MMC) Trabeculotomy for congenital glaucoma GLAUCOMA VALVE IMPLANT/ GLAUCOMA DRAINAGE DEVICE for complicated cases


Glued-IOL-ICL The ICL (Implantable Contact Lens ) Glued Intraocular Lens (IOL ) The ICL (Implantable Contact Lens) is a state-of art refractive error solution that is ideal for anyone who has the need or desire for removal of power with high quality of vision correction. ICL or Implantable Contact Lens, as the name suggests, is a kind of lens which is implanted into the eye and does not require frequent removal like a normal contact lens. This phakic intraocular lens has numerous advantages including its correction of the widest range of myopia (near sightedness), hyperopia (far sightedness) and astigmatism (cylindrical ?power). During routine cataract surgery the cloudy natural lens of the eye is removed and the clear capsule surrounding it is retained. This capsule is very fragile and may be damaged during surgery. If the capsule is damaged the operating surgeon may have limited options in placing an artificial intraocular lens (IOL) in the eye. Without a properly positioned intraocular lens the patient will experience very blurry vision. Previous solutions to this problem included leaving the patient without a lens ( aphakic ), placing an IOL in front of the iris, or sewing an IOL to part of the eye. All of these options can present problems such as poor vision, damage to other structures in the eye, chronic irritation of the eye, and failure of the cornea over many years. IOLs that are sutured can also dislocate if the sutures break.  Y


Lasik Laser Assisted Stromal In-Situ Keratomileusis (LASIK) is a method of re-shaping the external surface of eye (cornea) with cool beam of light (LASER) to correct near- sightedness, far-sightedness and astigmatism . Lasik Treatment TECHNOLAS ® TENEO™ 317 Excimer Laser Now experience the advanced and most precise technology in the field of Laser Vision correction, Zyoptix Customised LASIK with our Bausch and Lomb TECHNOLAS® TENEO™ 317 Excimer Laser from Germany.

Squint Treatment:

Squint Treatment Congenital squint Sometimes a baby is born with a squint, although it may not be obvious for a few weeks. In about half of such cases, there is a family history of squint or the need for glasses. The eye muscles are usually at fault. If squint is suspected, it is important that the baby be referred for accurate assessment at the earliest opportunity. Sometimes a baby has what is known as ‘pseudo squint’ which is related to the shape of the face, but a baby with a true squint will not grow out of it. Long sight ( hypermetropia ) Long sightedness can sometimes lead to a squint developing as the eyes ‘over-focus’ in order to see clearly. In an attempt to avoid double vision, the brain may automatically respond by ‘switching off’ the image from one eye and turning the eye to avoid using it. If left untreated, a ‘lazy eye’ ( amblyopia ) may result. The most common age for this type of squint to start is between 10 months and two years.

Cataract Treatment:

Cataract Treatment Best Cataract Surgery in Indore Cataracts cause clouding of the normally clear lens of the eye. Most cataracts develop as a result of old age, but they occasionally occur in infants and young children too. This blurry, frosty vision can interfere in your day-to-day activities; from difficulty in reading to self-driving at night. At Vinayak Netralaya Doctor for Cataracts in Indore are provides you best treatment for Cataract Surgery in Indore. The only way to get rid of cataracts is to surgically remove the natural lens in the eye and replace it with an artificial one, called Intraocular Lens (IOL). This procedure is called “Intraocular Lens Implantation”. The artificial lens used is durable and usually lasts a lifetime.


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