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When the eighth house sub lord is placed in the twelfth house in one’s kundli, it means the person has bandhana yoga in their kundli. The effect of bandhana yoga in kundli is quite crystal clear. If your birth chart has a combination that indicates bandhana yoga, it means you will lose any legal case, or you will remain under constant mental pressure. To analyze the presence of Bandhana yoga in your kundli, you need to go through a kundli analysis procedure. If you want to go through Kundli analysis for Bandhana yoga, book a consultation session with Dr. Vinay Bajrangi. https://www.vinaybajrangi.com/court-cases/bandhan-yoga.php


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Bandhan Yoga in Horoscope - Which Planet is Causes Jail Yoga It is a common sight to see criminals thieves robbers murderers or we can say sinners going to jail. But sometimes even well-reputed personalities or famous personalities also go to jail for one or the other reasons. We see social workers public images or leaders going to jail for their specific acts aimed at the betterment of society. So going to jail doesn’t necessarily mean that the person has committed some crime. For reasons which are not acceptable by those sitting in powerful positions are sufficient to send a person to jail. In astrology the possibility of going to jail in someone’s life are labeled as bandhan or jail yoga. Now this Bandhan or restriction can be both mental and physical. If someone wishes to live in isolation with no desire to meet people then also that person will be said to live under Bandhan yoga. As per astrology there are several planetary combinations leading to Bandhan/ jail yoga. If any of these planetary combinations are present in a person’s life then that person may be imprisoned at some point in life which will be decided by his/her dasha system. The main planets that are responsible for sending a person behind the bars are Rahu Saturn and Mars and their association with the sixth eighth and twelfth house or their lords. The absence of any benefic influence on the tenth house which is also the house of karmas or actions of a person indicates possibilities of bad deeds or karmas especially when it has an association with Saturn Mars or Rahu through placement conjunction or aspect. Malefic influence on the tenth house shows the indulgence of the native in crime or socially unacceptable deeds. When our karmas are not pious we tend to repent for our bad actions or karmas through bandhan yoga or landing in jail. Astrology says that Bandhan yoga in Janam Kundli is mainly dependent on these three most malefic planets of planetary cabinet i.e. Saturn Mars and Rahu. In a horoscope 6 th house is a house of litigation and 12 th house shows jail. The 8 th house is obstacles and sufferings and when they form connections with the ascendant or its lord there are chances of going to jail. Along

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with planetary combinations if the running dasha is also inauspicious or bad then it’s the time for fructification of such jail yoga in kundli. We have to check three things presence of bandhan yoga supportive dasha and supportive transit. Such yoga usually gets activated for a shorter span of time. Today here in this article we will talk about different yoga that may send you to jail or create any type of physical or mental bondage in your life. When can a person go to jail It is important to know the required planetary combination for legal issues to ascertain chances of a person going to jail. Let’s explore:  We already know that the 12th house is a house of imprisonment jail and restrictions. Now if karaka of imprisonment i.e. Rahu occupies or aspects the 12th house or its weak lord then possibility of going to jail in scandals is there. Our lagna represents our body and if lagna is also involved in above mentioned condition then there is a strong possibility of going to jail.  The popular astrological text Brihat jataka mentions that if in an individual’s horoscope all malefic planets have been placed in the 12th 5th 2nd and 9th houses then there are very strong chances of imprisonment for that native.  If the houses i 2nd and 12th ii 5th and 9th iii 6th and 12th iv 3rd and 11th andv 4th and 10th have equal number of planets then the native may undergo imprisonment.  If the houses responsible for imprisonment 6th 8th and 12th form a connection with lagna or lagna lord in Kendra or trine position then also imprisonment would be there.  If the first and sixth lords are conjoined with Saturn in quadrant or trine the native would face imprisonment.  The strength of Saturn demonstrates the extent of suffering in one’s life. Weaker the strength of Saturn more would be the suffering in one’s life. 12th house denotes imprisonment or hospitalization. Severely afflicted 12th house shows prolonged confinement and hospitalization. More planetary combinations for bandhan or jail yoga:  The association of Saturn Mars and Rahu makes the person cruel in nature and there are possibilities of him/her getting involved in illegal activities violence and mass killings. They find pleasure in torturing others.  Any two of the three abovementioned planets if form a conjunction in the 10th house of horoscope and has no benefic influence then it may give birth to a criminal or anti- social person.  A debilitated Sun along with a combust Lagna Lord or Venus also gives prolonged hospitalization in the dasha period of these weak planets.

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 Combination of the 6th and 8th lord with Saturn and Rahu in the Kendra or trikona sthaan may give serious injuries leading to prolonged bandhan in life.  Combined influence of the 6th lord and Saturn on lagna or its Lord may give death like sufferings due to severe humiliation huge losses and a sedentary lifestyle which ultimately causes a condition no less than confinement.  Rahu in the 12th house in weak position may prompt the native to spend unwisely and commit sinful expenditures. Rahu in association with the Moon makes a person compulsive drunkard soaking up his financial resources. Mars joining this combination will put an end to all moral values making him act like a beast.  Ketu in trik bhava gives unstable life and career and hence depression.  But at the same time the quantum of result of this evil yoga will vary from one individual to other. In case if Mars and Saturn are yogkaraka planets then there would be significant reduction in its evil effects.  A benefic influence like that of Jupiter Venus benefic Mercury and strong Moon on evil planetary combinations also neutralizes the evil effects to a great extent. Read more: Which Planet is Seen for Court Cases Not just these but many other combinations create bandhan yoga for a person and only the best astrologer can give accurate imprisonment predictions based on such yoga. An experienced astrologer may predict the extent nature type period and direction of imprisonment. If one performs remedial measures mentioned by an expert astrologer one may tend to get relieved with this negative aspect of life. Source: https://sites.google.com/view/vinaybajrangis/blog/bandhan-yoga-in-horoscope