Tips for Choosing Off-Campus Student Housing

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As there can be a lot of competition for off-campus housing, it becomes important to start the search as soon as possible. For this, it's advisable that you tour several housing options. For more tips on choosing off-campus student housing, check out this presentation.


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Tips for Choosing Off-Campus Student Housing:

Tips for Choosing Off-Campus Student Housing

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Living off campus can be a major decision that requires major consideration. Fortunately, it’s something that many university students experience, so there’s plenty of advice and resources out there. These tips and resources can help you find the right off-campus housing for your budget and lifestyle. Helpful tips include: Starting early Understanding the costs Touring several housing options Checking the university’s board

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Starting Early There can be a lot of competition for off-campus housing, so you should start looking as early as possible. Ideally, you should start looking during the summer, as more students move out and more housing becomes available then. The competition for off-campus housing increases during the fall, which can make it difficult to find the highest quality student housing Oshawa has to offer. So, start your search in the summer and don’t hesitate to make a move when an apartment or room becomes available. Make sure you’re available for a viewing as soon as a property manager contacts you.

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Understanding the Costs Living on your own can be expensive, and even more so when you’re unaware of the exact costs of things. Common expenses to consider include: monthly rent, utilities, groceries, cell phone bills, costs of household products, transportation fees, and monthly parking fees (if applicable). Once you’ve worked out the approximate monthly amount of these expenses, create a workable budget. If you have roommates, divide the costs evenly. Knowing what you can afford can help you find the right accommodations.

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Touring Several Housing Options You’ll never know what housing option is the best fit if you don’t try out several ones. This includes apartments, rooms, and townhomes. Explore your options and tour as many homes, neighbourhoods , and housing types as you can. It’ll help you become familiar with the housing options, their neighbourhoods , and the pros and cons of the different types. For example, student apartments are often all-inclusive and offer amenities that townhomes do not. Some neighbourhoods are also more ‘ walkable ’ than others and offer proximity to your university.

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Additionally , while furnished apartments can be convenient, they can also be more expensive. Ultimately, you should look for housing that is: In a safe, walkable neighbourhood and close to your campus All-inclusive Free of hidden fees Offers flexible leases and reasonable rental rates Filled with amenities

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Checking the University’s Bulletin Board You may find that some of the student housing Durham College has to offer can be found on campus bulletin boards. These boards often feature the best off-campus housing opportunities for students, including those offered by Village Suites Oshawa. However, the housing opportunities offered can change day-to-day, so check the board early and as often as possible. Housing from the board is also often readily available, so even if there’s a lot of competition, you’ll likely find a place when apartment-hunting this way.

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