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Ormita Working together to transform under-utilised capacity into tangible assets Values Integrity Innovation Responsibility Quality Service Good corporate citizenship Core Competencies Global reach Industry specific experts Detail oriented Strategies Opening new frontiers Sharing best practices Leadership development Ethics and compliance

Founding Global Board:

Economists, Lawyers & Technologists Global Experience Seasoned Business Professionals Real-World Knowledge Practical Experience Founding Global Board Driving long-term growth and value creation

Enduring Trust:

Enduring Trust Trusted By - Governments - Fortune 500 Companies - Media Organisations SME Businesses Non-Profit Organisations - Start-ups … in 54 Countries

Service Offerings:

Service Offerings Tolling Alternative Funding Barter Community Currencies Counter-trade Debt swaps Green Initiatives Government Trade Media Barter Monetising Surpluses Switch Trading Offset Trade

Target Markets:

Target Markets Education K -12, colleges, and universities Enterprise Corporate and branch offices Exporters Foreign trade, new offices Fortune 500 Corporate-level Government Trade, finance, export, PR Healthcare Hospitals and clinics Hospitality Hotels, resorts, restaurants Media Magazines, TV, radio, newspaper, internet Retail Corporate, branch, and warehouse Start-Up Enterprises Angel or VC investment ready

Engineering & Technology Division:

Pursuing technical & functional excellence for the enterprise FORMED IN 2002 to provide technical and functional excellence for the enterprise Drives technology change Manages database functions and data-mining Provides efficient and effective secure IT solutions to the business Protects and leverages corporate intellectual property Establishes common sense systems and procedures for operational management Engineering & Technology Division

24x7 Network Operations Centre:

Managing information flows and providing timely responses 24x7 Network Operations Centre ESTABLISHED IN 2002 Data stored in SAS 70 Type I certified data centres Dual-city grid power feeds, plus battery backup with automated transfer switch and on-site diesel generator FM 200 server-safe fire suppression system with early pre-fire detection mechanism Automatic temperature and climate control system with humidity and temperature sensors located throughout the facility Biometric and key card security system including man-traps and rack level locking mechanism Staffed 24x7 by data centre technicians and engineers and monitored remotely 7 geographically redundant data storage sites

Warehousing & Distribution:

Warehousing & Distribution More than 373,000 square feet of warehouse and distribution space spread across 5 continents ESTABLISHED IN 2005 Professionally serviced with complete inventory tracking and management systems Liaison with multiple freight companies

Research & Marketing:

Research & Marketing FORMED IN 2005 to implement timely market-driven products and service offerings Headquarters in New Zealand Develops targeted solutions for different markets Undertakes market research and development Provides localisation and customisation services Setting corporate standards and leading the market

Public Relations:

Public Relations ESTABLISHED IN 2008 Headquartered in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania Provides corporate outreach services to the media Has allowed Ormita to be featured on every continent Affords support services to Marketing and Corporate Sales Managing media globally

Senior Country Representatives:

Senior Country Representatives Driving Operations in 17 Countries Iran New Zealand Poland South Africa Sweden Turkey UK USA Australia Canada China Egypt Germany Greece Hong Kong India

Our Employees:

Our Employees We strive to continually recognise the commitment and talent of the people behind our business We are in a business where the quality of our people is key to our success. Our greatest single strength continues to be the talent, integrity, enthusiasm and loyalty of our people. As we continue to evolve our business, keeping our people and attracting others like them is a top priority. We believe the abilities and commitment of our professionals make us the preferred provider of professional non-cash financial services for governments and corporations around the globe.

Leadership Development:

Leadership Development Ormita utilises a high-quality leadership approach MULTI-CULTURAL LEADERSHIP Our corporate culture is defined and fostered by industry leaders with experience from across the globe. As a multi-cultural, multi-faceted company, we benefit from local differences and global opportunities. While each office is rooted in its own culture and community, we share a common vision and mission: to help global business leaders execute their internal initiatives and achieve targeted results. ENTREPRENEURIAL We are focused on validating our market value through exceptional financial performance. We believe that the needs of all stakeholders are best served by fostering an entrepreneurial culture that rewards talent, integrity, enthusiasm and loyalty.

Corporate Citizenship:

Corporate Citizenship Ormita’s corporate citizenship program is designed to ensure we create positive change By its very nature Ormita is a waste reducing and highly efficient means of conducting business in an environmentally responsible manner. Ormita picks suppliers based on their commitment to responsible use of technology and recycled materials. Ormita acts responsibly to manage all aspects of our business to ensure environmental laws and recognized standards are met or exceeded. We aim to raise awareness of environmental issues and more sustainable choices for business. Through the use of good business practices and smart electronic tools we aim to keep our environmental footprint to an absolute minimum.

Social Responsibility:

Social Responsibility Ormita believes it has a social responsibility to make positive contributions to the environment, our community, our employees & stakeholders. We also aim to give a voice to the issue of Social Responsibility by being transparent in our actions and demonstrating the rationale of our Corporate Social Responsibility initiatives. The ways in which we aim to do this are through: Community engagement CSR reporting Environmental sustainability communications Issues management Media relationships Stakeholder mapping and engagement

How We Are Organised:

How We Are Organised Corporate Functions: Business Development & Strategy Licensing Services Research & Marketing PR & Communications Engineering & Technology Network Management Finance / Capital Organising Human Resources / Admin International Law & Legal Services Office of Internal Governance Government Relations