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Bokaro steel plant, bokaro jharkhand by:- vikash kumar m1087, 7th sem : 

Bokaro steel plant, bokaro jharkhand by:- vikash kumar m1087, 7th sem A SUMMER TRAINING PRESENTATION SAIL Bokaro 10/30/2013

Bokaro steel plant : 

Bokaro steel plant 10/30/2013

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ABOUT COMpany : 

ABOUT COMpany BACKGROUND # Fourth Integrated Steel plant in the public sector, well known as swadesi plant. # Originally incorporated as a limited company on 29Th jan’1964. # Collaboration agreement was signed with USSR(Union of Soviet Socialist Republic) on 25th jan’1965. # After formation of SAIL on 24th jan’1973 It became a wholly owned subsidiary of SAIL on 1st May’1978. Bokaro Steel City is located on southern bank of river Damodar with Garga and about 50 kms from Dhanbad and 140 kms each from Ranchi and Jamshedpur. 10/30/2013

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# Its Total area is 33,045.35 acres out of which Township area is 10,114.53 acres and plant area is 17,208.01 acres. # Permanent houses/Hostels – 37,472. # leased out houses – 4773. 10/30/2013

Medical facilities : 

Medical facilities # Highly modern 910 beds BGH with specialised units like CCU, ICU, IBU, Special care baby units etc. # Sector health centre – 10 # Primary health centre in peripherals – 04 # OHS 01 inside the plant. 10/30/2013


PLANT AWARENESS Basically flat products- # HR Coil, HR Sheets, CR Coils, CR Sheets TMBP, GP/GC 10/30/2013

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By products are- * NG Bengol * NG Toluene * Xylene * Road Tar * Coal Tar * Hot pressed Naphthalene * All products are sold through e-auction 10/30/2013

Sheat melting shop(sms -||) : 

Sheat melting shop(sms -||) 10/30/2013

SMS-|| : 

SMS-|| There are two Converters in the Shop each of 300hundred Ton Capacity. SMS –II differs with SMS-I mainly because of blowing process and gas recovery system. Unlike SMS-I, SMS-II have got“suppressed combustion system”, where atmospheric air is not allowed to enter in the hood area and the combustion of converter gas is suppressed. Capacity of SMS-II is 2.25 MT ofliquid Steel. At present, mainly Killed steels areproduced in the shop. 10/30/2013

Cold rolling mill (crm) : 

Cold rolling mill (crm) 10/30/2013

Slide 12: 

The Cold Rolling Mill at Bokaro produces high quality sheetgauge material, Tin Mill Black Plate and Galvanized Products.Cold rolling gives thinner gauge strip of very smooth and densefinish with better mechanical properties that are used forvarious purposes.The CRM complex comprises two Pickling Lines, two TandemMills, an Electrolytic Cleaning Line, a Continuous Cleaningand Annealing Line, Bell Annealing Furnaces, two Skin PassMills, a Double Cold Reduction Mill (DCR), Shearing Lines,Slitting Lines and a packaging and despatchsection. 10/30/2013

Slabbing mill : 

Slabbing mill Slabbing mill transforms ingots into slab by rolling. The ingotsof various sizesand weights are received from SMS –I and after being rolled into slabs,they are sent to our internal customer HSM.The capacity of the mill is 4 MT and is of universal type, capable of rollingingots up to 38 tons. The rolling rate varies from 600 to 800 T/Hrs depending upon the size of the ingots and the thickness of the slab to be rolled.The mill was commissioned on 30th December 1974. We have 12 groups of Soaking pits with each group having 4 pits : Total 48 pits wherein in gotsare heated to a temperature above 1300°C. 10/30/2013

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Hot strip mill : 

Hot strip mill The Hot Strip Mill at Bokaro Steel Plant is a continuous 2,000mm wide strip mill. It is referred to as a 2,000 mm millbecause the barrel length of the rolls used in this mill is2,000 mm. This mill is designed to roll thin and wide stripsfor use in various industries such as wagon building, tubeand pipe industry, drum manufacturing, furnituremanufacturing and lastly, for use in the Cold Rolling Mill.The fully automatic Hot Strip Mill of Bokaro Steel has a widerange of products. This is the only continuous Hot Strip Mill in India. 10/30/2013

Hot rolling : 

Hot rolling 10/30/2013

thankyou : 

thankyou SAIL BOKARO 10/30/2013

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