The need for Executive MBA in India

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The Need for Executive MBA in India An Executive MBA or EMBA is a business degree. Though similar to a regular MBA degree the program primarily focuses on educating working professionals and enhancing their careers as executives entrepreneurs managers and business leaders in their respective fields. What sets Executive MBA in India apart from all other MBA programs is the level of insights that the students bring to the program owing to their industry experience. EMBA programs are mostly designed to integrate the professional experience and expertise of students with the curriculum. This allows candidates to adopt a variety of skills and abilities that help sharpen their analytical capabilities by combining the coursework with everyday professional experience. A program in Executive MBA in India is typically completed in one or sometimes two years. Who takes up an Executive MBA degree Executive MBA is intended to train executives and prepare them to face the emerging business needs and demands of the industry. While Executive MBA in India is mostly taken up as a part-time course along with a regular job many also prefer to take it up full-time in order to: 1. Prepare for emerging global business circumstances 2. Develop cross-cultural skills and theoretic and practical approach 3. Attain a good salary package or higher industry positions 4. Get through to a good company for better growth opportunities 5. Increase their managerial skills and general knowledge base What are the opportunities after an EMBA Career opportunities after doing an Executive MBA in India are abundant especially if the degree is obtained from a prestigious institute. The scope of the program is vast and with so many specializations coming up namely Finance Operations Marketing IT banking Business Analytics Aviation Retail Import and so many more the job market has greatly expanded. Finally after acquiring an Executive MBA degree the salaries tend to be higher than usual because most employers consider an MBA degree as an added benefit along with the years of experience of an individual.