How Much Does Magento PWA Cost You

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Magento PWA is the new technology. In this article, you will find some important elements that can have a significant impact on your Magento PWA prices. Read More


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How Much Does Magento PWA Cost You • Magento is gaining popularity throughout the world because of its tremendous capabilities. It has over 240000 active users and the number is growing day by day. Magento is well-known as a Progressive Web App Development. • Due to the numerous positive characteristics of progressive web app technology Magento Merchants are increasingly selecting this platform for e-Commerce development. What can affect your Magento PWA pricing Your Magento PWA budget plan could be turned upside down if there are inappropriate elements at play. For this reason it is important to recognize diverse elements that can affect your Magento PWA pricing. • Magento version • Server cost • Development cost • Third-party extensions • Magento theme • Support fee

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Price range Magento PWA is the new technology and so the price range for integrating PWA in your Magento store depends upon the type of package you select. The Magento PWA service provider offers three packages. They are as follows 1. Basic Magento PWA Development • A basic Magento PWA package meets all of your fundamental needs for a Magento PWA site. Individuals and small companies prefer this basic package above the others because it helps them to integrate Magento PWA into their website on a limited budget. • A basic Magento PWA costs 3000. This may rise to 35000 with a two-month average development time. • Basic Magento PWA Development Package • Advanced Magento PWA DevelopmentPackage • Custom Magento PWA Development Package

slide 5: Because this is a basic package your Magento PWA will just have the following features: • Standard Progressive Web App setup • Integration of Basic designs and themes • Access to Magento Community site • No integration with back-office systems • A smooth CMS 2. Advanced Magento PWA Development • The Advanced Magento PWA package is better suited for larger and more established organizations looking to migrate from another eCommerce platform or upgrade to the Progressive Web App architecture. • A typical advanced package costs between 35000 and 70000 with a two- month development period.In comparison to the Basic plan the Advanced package includes the following additional features.

slide 6: • Integrations with back-office systems • Advanced payment gateways and chat platform • Additional feature pages • SEO-friendly and basic analytics set up • Data migration • A dedicated project manager 3. Custom Magento PWA Development • A custom Magento PWA package is more suitable for bigger businesses whose needs require a complete and hassle-free experience with Magento PWA. Large businesses also have big budgets and so they can easily afford the Custom Magento PWA Development package. • And as its name suggests a custom-made Magento PWA comes with additional custom-made features for your Magento Store. The following are some of the custom-made features.

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• Custom UX/UI design • Mobile-friendly • Custom SEO Analytics service • Custom GTM events • Custom GA reports • Lifetime support • More custom pages • A dedicated project manager • The price of a custom Magento PWA package isn’t cheap 70.000+ with an average development period of 2–4 months. Hence if you have a big budget then you should definitely go for it. This is average pricing there are several companies that offer PWA services at lower prices. • Custom-made Magento PWA helps you in Magento Speed Performance Optimization with its astonishing features. It provides extra benefits to the Magento Store owners through its SEO and analytics services. Hourly rates for Magento developments • The hourly rates for Magento developers vary from developer to developer. However the average cost of hiring Magento Developers is around 40 to 150 per hour as per industry standards.

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• There are companies that offer Magento Experts services at lower rates as well. So you just need to research the diverse companies providing Magento PWA services. Viha Digital Commerce PVT ltd is one of the leading companies from India that is offering Magento PWA services at lower prices. To Sum UP • Pricing is a significant factor that Magento merchants should consider when employing Magento PWA services. • Before hiring Magento developers you should consider the three Magento PWA development packages listed above. • After hiring Magento PWA developers keep track of your PWA development process to identify and resolve issues as they arise. If you’re looking for a reliable solution provider for your Magento PWA Viha digital Commerce Ltd can assist you with all of your Magento-related requirements. Get in touch with us right now at to get an estimate for your Magento PWA Development.

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