How to Convert Magento 2 Website to PWA

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Integration of PWA in Magento 2 can be developed in three ways either by using Magento PWA Studio, PWA Theme, or installing Extension in an eCommerce Store. Read More


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How to Convert Magento 2 Website to PWA • The Magento PWA Studio Magento 2 PWA Studio includes a set of developer tools to help with the development and management of a PWA storefront on top of Magento 2.3 and above. Furthermore it employs cutting-edge tools and libraries to build a system and framework that complies with the Magento principle of extensibility. Key Principles of Progressive Web AppPWA A web app identified as a Progressive Web App PWA should in particular comply with the following key principles: • Discoverable: • Installable: • Linkable • Independent from the internet • Progressive • Re-engageable • Responsive • Secure How To Integrate PWA In Magento 2 • By Using Magento PWA studio • By Using Magento 2 PWA Theme • By Using Magento PWA Extension

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1. Using Magento PWA Studio • The first method for integrating PWA in Magento 2 is to use PWA Studio. Magento released Magento 2.3 PWA Studio to assist merchants in developing installing and managing Magento 2 websites with a PWA storefront. • This strategy necessitates the involvement of skilled Magento and PWA developers from the start Magento PWA Studio Tutorial. Pros: PWA Studio replaces your current storefront with a PWA version that connects to your backend through API. • Magento PWA Studio offers a ready-to-use architecture for your project which can assist you in saving significant amounts of time and effort. Cons: PWA Studio is not sufficient to provide a better user experience. It merely aids you in the development of the Magento PWA. Magento PWA Studio does not include standard Magento features such as Venia. • PWA Studio offers diverse and relevant solutions.

slide 6: You should be familiar with the following programming languages and libraries in order to work on a Magento PWA Studio project: • PHP • JavaScript • webpack • React • Redux • GraphQL • Workbox 2. Using Magento 2 PWA Theme • The Magento 2 PWA theme is another option for upgrading your website to PWA. A PWA theme may be created by utilizing Magento 2.3 PWA Studio ReactJS and GraphQL. It consists of two parts: an extended PWA storefront and an API that connects the storefront to the Magento backend. • The cost of using the Magento 2 PWA theme is mostly determined by your level of customization.

slide 7: Pros: There are diverse advantages of Magento PWA Theme They are as follows • Fast loading speed across devices • Shortcuts on the home screen • Splash page • Fullscreen display • Background sync • Comprehensive design of all pages of a website. • Proved Excellent User Experience. Cons: You’ll still need to modify the PWA storefront to suit your design. Furthermore if your site uses custom functions or incorporates other extensions you will need to verify their compatibility with the new storefront as well as update the API. 3. Using Magento PWA Extension • Magento PWA Extension is the simplest and fastest way to get a PWA storefront for Magento Merchants. You may look for PWA Extension options in Magento Marketplace and Magento extension vendors.

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• If you choose this option you will have to pay for the extension and installation expenses. Pros: It takes a few hours to install a PWA Extension on your Magento Store. It is the most cost-effective way to create a Magento PWA storefront. Cons: Most Magento PWA extensions on the market are insufficient for Progressive Web App features such as fast loading speed offline mode and background sync. Wrapping Up • Finding out whether PWA is required for the store is more difficult than getting one for yourself. • But just to give you a hint—for your convenience—no industry has as large a user base as mobile. • And this will continue to rise because we all adore mobile devices for their ease of use and customer-centric approach. • So don’t make it longer and integrate PWA in your Magento Storefront in order to provide an excellent user experience to your customers.

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