How to fix not working Add To Cart Button in Magento 2


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How to fix not working Add To Cart Button in Magento 2 Customers are the king of the business. Kings should be treated with the utmost care.Online shopping trend has been increased nowadays. People have become smart with technology and even smarter with shopping. Online shopping is done by following a few steps 1. The customer will finalize the product very first. 2. All the details regarding size and color will be selected 3. The product will be added to the cart by clicking the Add to cart button Even after the customer selects all the details as well as he likes the product but if your

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Magento add to cart button is not working and is taking more time and if there is a problem with the order process the customers are not going to wait. You will have to get the issue solved from reputed Magento Development Company they have the ability to turn around with solutions at a greater speed. Hiring certified developers is an added advantage. There are various factors for Magento’s add to cart not working and they are your Magento 2.3 session has expired or might be possible that Magento 2 add to cart not working on localhost. The Button “add to Cart” triggers the JS method to submit the add to cart Form. So if the form is not working then you will be having some JS issues on that page that issue prevents any JS execution

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For example if you have chat-function on the page and the js on the chat-function is overriding the “add to cart”-button then the best way to check the same is by trying to unmerge the js setting from admin so it will give you the js error.

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What you will have to do is go to the admin and then you will have to untick “Merge JavaScript Files” For other option click here

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Magento 2 Add to Cart not working from the homepage When anybody does add to cart product from the home page using the button and then nothing is seen in the cart just a refreshed page and then you receive a success message that the product has been in cart. Magento 2 Add to cart not working from categories and products page When you are adding products from the product page and you are then redirected to the checkout page with Magento 2 shopping cart empty even after adding product then you will need to run the SQL query. Add to cart not working after Migration If you face the problem due to form_key mismatch which gets posted during add to cart action and the stored Session you see the value-form key is mismatched.

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Thus one needs to solve the issue. Hire certified developers from the Magento web development company so that you don’t lose your genuine customers and your business doesn’t face the loss.

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