How to use the YouTube Video downloader to download videos?

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You can use the YouTube to Mp3 Converter to save the music video of your choice as an audio song. You can listen to the song anytime since it is downloaded to your mobile/computer.


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How to use the YouTube Video downloader to download videos If you like a YouTube video then you can easily download it in any format using the YouTube Downloader Online. Download and enjoy viewing the video at your convenience. Download your favorite YouTube videos in any format using YouTube Video Downloader online. Download and enjoy trending videos anywhere anytime without internet. YouTube Videos One of the most popular sites for watching videos is YouTube. It is not just a video site but is also used for social networking where people can share videos they like or videos they have made. Just take a look at these

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amazing facts about YouTube which will make you understand why this site is the best:  YouTube has a total of 1300000 users.  Every single minute videos of around 300 hour duration are uploaded to the site.  Everyday an average of 30 million people watch videos on the site.  People use their mobile phone for an average of 40 minutes while viewing videos on this site. No wonder this site is so popular and people love watching videos. You would have probably watched countless videos on the site and wished that you could download it to watch it later. YouTube does not permit you to download videos. So you can’t do it from their site. So what then is the solution Downloading YouTube videos Downloading YouTube videos is easy when you use a Youtube Video Downloader. This is a software that you use on your system or mobile. You can also use the Youtube Downloader Online want to download videos online. Since YouTube does not allow downloads you can easily make use of the tools provided by many websites to download the YouTube video of your choice.

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YouTube restricts downloads but that does not mean it is illegal to download videos. Since you are using it for your personal viewing and not making any commercial use from it you can go ahead and download it without any worries. Look for a good website that is popular and allows you to download videos from YouTube and other websites without any restrictions. Use a reputed website so you don’t face problems of virus or malware infected files. Using the Facebook Video Downloader is very simple. Here’s how you can do it:  Once you see a video that you like on YouTube copy the link. Just right click tap on your mobile phone and you get various options. Select the option to ‘copy link location’. The location of the video is now copied.  Open the website that you use to download YouTube videos. One the home page they provide you a box to paste the link of the video. Paste the link and click on download. Select the format of your choice and your download is complete.  The YouTube video is downloaded on your system and you can enjoy watching it at your convenience.

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 You can download the videos in any format of your choice and also select the video size based on quality. If you don’t mind lower quality of video you can download a smaller file size. This helps you save internet data and space on your mobile. If you are not worried about file size you can select the highest resolution for the best quality video.  You can use the Youtube To Mp3 Converter to save YouTube videos as mp3 files with only audio. This would be suitable for songs and music videos you like. You can save it as mp3 add it to your playlist and enjoy listening to the song.