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• ABSOLUTELY YES. You can have 20/20 vision and still have Glaucoma. • 20/20 vision only means you have excellent central vision and nothing to do with your peripheral vision. • Glaucoma usually starts by damaging your peripheral vision it only damages central vision at the later stages especially with the more common open angle Glaucoma that is predominantly asymptomatic. • Glaucoma causes severe peripheral vision loss Tunnel Visio from damaged nerve fibres before eventually affecting the central vision and ending up in blindness. This is why most people are barely to know they have Glaucoma because their central vision seem great while their peripheral vision may almost be completely gone but a good eye doctor can tell early enough and save your sight.

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WHAT COMPRISES A COMPREHENSIVE GLAUCOMA EXAM • Visual Acuity or Central vision test • Visual Field or Peripheral vision test—Any defect is a red flag • Gonioscopy or Drainage angle test. • Diurnal Tension Curve using IOP Intra-Ocular Pressure test—Anything over 20mmhg is a red flag • Ophthalmoscopy to check Cup to Disc ratio ——Anything more than 0.5 is a red flag and worse if it is asymmetric between both eyes. • Pachymetry Corneal Thickness test—Anything less than 500 microns is a red flag. • OCT Optical Coherence Tomography –Any defect is a red flag • HRTHeidelberg Retina Tomography ——-Any defect is a red flag.

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WHAT ARE THE RISK FACTORS FOR GLAUCOMA • Your risk of developing glaucoma has a very high correlation with your family history of glaucoma. • The risk is even higher as the number of blood related family members with glaucoma increases. • The closer your link is to the blood related family member with glaucoma the higher your risk is. • Family member here refers to GrandParents Parents Siblings Kids Uncles and Aunts Nephews and Nieces. • Your risk of glaucoma increases even more if your in any of the above risk categories and you are over 40 years old. • High Bloop pressure and or Diabetes increases your risk of glaucoma too. • Use of Steroids such as Prednisone is an increased risk factor too. • Certain Auto-immune diseases also increase your risk for glaucoma. • Blunt Trauma to the eyes can be a risk factor too.

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• Remember to discuss your eye health issues with your family and save the eyes of other blood related family members who might be at risk of developing glaucoma without knowing it. • You can save another loss of sight by sharing this video • Please remember to subscribe to our channel “MY TAKE ON IT WITH DR. VICTOR OBASUYI” by hitting the red SUBSCRIBE button at your lower right corner