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Case Presentation:

Case Presentation Victoria Riter

Brief History:

Brief History Child has been attending this afterschool program for autistic children for the past two years. This case presentation is about a 7-year-old Hispanic female who is currently residing with her mother, father, and identical twin who is also currently attending this program. Child is currently diagnosed with the level 2 of Autism Spectrum Disorder. Child shows all the common symptoms of Autism Spectrum disorder which include deficits in nonverbal and verbal communication skills (she is mainly non-verbal) even with support in place, abnormal responses to social overtures to others, inflexibility of behavior, coping with change, and distress and difficulty changing focus or action. Child has been attending speech therapy outside of afterschool program for 5 years and collaborating with a psychologist. Child is also in special education and her condition has improved in the past 2 years.

Presenting Problems :

Presenting Problems Diagnosis of Level 2 on the Autism Spectrum Disorder: Mainly Non-Verbal Behavioral Issues Socialization Issues

Modality :

Modality This program modality is based on recreational leisure activities used to improve the symptoms of children with Autistic Spectrum Disorder. This program operates Wednesday to Friday, and Sunday with children on Sunday being diagnosed with the highest level on the Autistic Spectrum disorder being the lowest functioning. Each day a counselor is assigned to a child to assist the child with completing daily activity tasks and homework. Counselors and the director work together using pictures, words, positive reinforcement, and sensory items to assist children with communication skills and behavior.

Treatment Plan:

Treatment Plan There is no official treatment plan for children in this program because this is a recreational and leisure program but in the initial plan and continuous goals include for child to be more verbal, develop good socialization skills, and reduce behavioral issues.

Future Action :

Future Action The child to become more independent The child to be able to socialize with other children The child to improve behavioral issues The child to overall learn control over Autistic Spectrum Disorder symptoms

Challenges :

Challenges Calming child down during a tantrum Encouraging child to use words Difficulty with engaging child with daily activity tasks

Thoughts and Responses :

Thoughts and Responses Overall, I really enjoy working with this child and hope that I can see the changes and improvements in the end of this field placement.