What Makes Edible Cake Topper An Ideal Choice For Any Occasions

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Bring joy, happiness and lots of excitement to your birthday cake with edible cake topper from Edible Cake Image. We are leading online seller of image printed, colorful cake topper made from 100% edible and gut-friendly constituents. It contains no kosher and allergen and free from any additives to harm your health. You can keep it for 12 months. Lay it freshly on your cakes and cupcakes. Visit: http://www.ecakeimage.com/brands/Edible-Birthday-Cake-Topper.html


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What Makes Edible Cake Topper An Ideal Choice For Any Occasions Most of the occasions go plain without the presence of cake. Whether it is a birthday or anniversary celebration the absence of cake makes the party pale and dull. Hence we can conclude a celebration without a cake is not a happening event. So when it comes to cakes there are many options but printed cakes are trendsetters in the current era. The edible cake topper and edible cupcake topper comes in a variety of options to match any occasion and theme of an event. The prints have a lustrous colour and are eye candy. Almost all of the edible cake topper are Kosher and allergen free and approved by the food corporation of the countries they are manufactured. These are even safe for toddlers hence one can remain assured regarding the quality of the cake toppers. Most of the companies’ manufacturing edible cake toppers now prefer frosting sheets rather than rice paper and wafer sheets. The edible cake toppers and cupcake toppers allow the customers to set a personalized message on the topper for any occasion. Further what makes the cake topper a real excitement for the cake lovers is the topper is easy to be placed on the cake. All you have to do is peel off the back portion of the sheet and place it gently on the freshly frosted cake.

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A brief comparison between wafer/Rice sheets and icing sheets:  Material/ Texture: Wafer paper is made up of rice starch or potato starch and is generally stiff and slightly transparent. While icing sheet is made up of tapioca or cornstarch and is less transparent and a bit fragile while peeling. But still icing sheets or sugar sheets wins the race as it enables better printing when using an edible printer.  Appearance after being printed: Wafer paper being transparent and since it dissolves easily in water the clarity of the image that would be print on the cake lacks a fine touch and that did not appear that vibrant. While on the other end though the peeling aspect of the frosting sheets is a little tricky when it comes to a printed appearance on the cake they look clear and crisp.  Applying it on cakes and cookies: Water papers are relatively easier to apply on the cake as they do not come with a backing but they tend to twist up when applied on a frosted cake. On the other hand though frosting sheet is a bit tricky to apply they don’t curl up and blends superfast on the frosted cake making the cake an eye candy. Moreover wafer paper does not blend with the cake so cutting the cake comes a little tough when placed as a centrepiece of the cake but in case of frosting sheet it is not an issue. Conclusion: An edible cake topper or cupcake topper that is printed makes every occasion special. Many companies sell edible printed images online and offline as well and come with a variety of options such as colours and prints. Buy one to match your theme and occasion and make the event the talk of the town.

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Address: Edible Cake Image Website: http://www.ecakeimage.com/ Contact Number: 941-822-3614 Location: 6002 66th Street Circle East Palmetto Florida USA 34221

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